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Author Topic:   Education and Violence
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05-16-2004 3:43 PM

Quality of Education
Quote from Yaro: "A good education encourages a critical mind, one that thinks for itself and does not follow blindly."

I completely agree, however I don't think ANY country has accomplished this. The public education system promotes following authority. I don't know how it is structured in other countries, but I am assuming in a similar fassion.

The fact that "educated" people followed blindly after Hitler might support this. But there are other factors. The horrible situation Germany was in, and the prospect of a strong leader really did appeal to the people.

Those are my thoughts. I gotta split.

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05-18-2004 7:47 PM

Alright my bad, I needed something to support my little philisophical theory. =) And thanks.

Those people weren't brainwashed when they were born. I percieve Germans as being educated before the rise of Hitler. They weren't brainwashed before Hitler came to be. They were "brainwashed" as a result of Hitler. I think the reasons why they followed them were just because of the conditions made by the Treaty of Versai. Hopefully I spelled that right. I have a spelling problem, I think it is a disease.

I don't care if he hated scientists, I don't know if that is true, but he hired lots of scientists. He advanced technology to get his edge in the war. The fact that he hated scientists has nothing to do with him believing in the scientific method. They probably smart mouthed him or something, I have no clue. I am making speculation assuming your statement is true.

The main point is that in my opinion the public school system promotes following authority. You get a reward for doing so. You get good grades, praise from your parents, get accepted to a good college and then it starts over again. If you follow the system, you follow rules, you do what you are told, and that is what companies like. Who knows, that is my theory. Unless educated isn't independent, I don't think education can create a mass that doesn't follow blindly.

Ah well, those are my thoughts. Later.

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05-19-2004 11:05 PM

I only mentioned brainwashing in context of Hitler, and to respond to the previous person saying that the people were brainwashed.

I was responding assuming his logic was true. It is how I argue.

But yeah, good examples.

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