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Author Topic:   Wondering thoughts
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Message 16 of 19 (110950)
05-27-2004 5:29 PM
Reply to: Message 15 by Loudmouth
05-27-2004 3:29 PM

A few corrections
Loudmouth, thank you for the reply I believe I was to vague in my last post, and did not realize how it could have been conceived.
For faith I was simply referring to the faith towards a God or a higher power. I have faith in the human race, as in friends, family, strangers, and society in general. As for me stating that I feel there is no meaning to life, I simply meant that I believe at the start there was no meaning, now we have developed a meaning. Which is the prosperity of the human race, and the fulfillment of a long and prosperous life, whether or not there is an afterlife.
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 Message 15 by Loudmouth, posted 05-27-2004 3:29 PM Loudmouth has not yet responded

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05-27-2004 5:40 PM
Reply to: Message 14 by JCPalmer
05-27-2004 2:56 PM

Hi JC, I do not think nihlism is a path one would want to travel, It is dark lonely road that leads to nowhere. Neitzche said.."When one looks into the abyss sometimes the abyss looks back at you." Jean Sarte said: "we are condemned to be free." What that means to me is that the choices one makes in life are personal choices that are not carved in stone. The individual is responsible for setting they're own morality and actions that govern they're life not religion. Fulfillment in life must come from within and not from external dogma. As Loudmouth stated the meaning of life need not be absurd, but can be filled with your personal participation in it. You and I and everyone else has the opportunity to decide our path. We are free and that is a frightening proposition that in this freedom we are inevitably alone. When it comes right down to it YOU are the master of your own destiny. As far as a reason for life goes a warm dutch apple pie and a hunk of vanilla ice cream is a pretty good one to me. Peace be with you.

"One is punished most for ones virtues" Fredrick Neitzche
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 Message 14 by JCPalmer, posted 05-27-2004 2:56 PM JCPalmer has responded

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 Message 19 by JCPalmer, posted 05-28-2004 9:15 AM 1.61803 has not yet responded

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Message 18 of 19 (110983)
05-27-2004 9:07 PM
Reply to: Message 14 by JCPalmer
05-27-2004 2:56 PM

Nihilists are people that believe that nothing exists, not the world not their physical being etc etc. Not sure to quite what extent they take it to, but i think its all the way apart from the very fact that they exist, the old cogito sum.

Sounds almost like that would take as much faith as believing in a god, much easier to just think that theres a lot of material out there, and you just happen to be a lump that has some strange reactions that are called thought.


Give a man a fire and he's warm for a day. Set a man on fire and he's warm for the rest of his life....
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 Message 14 by JCPalmer, posted 05-27-2004 2:56 PM JCPalmer has not yet responded

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Message 19 of 19 (111111)
05-28-2004 9:15 AM
Reply to: Message 17 by 1.61803
05-27-2004 5:40 PM

Re: denihlist
1.61803 writes:

Neitzche said.."When one looks into the abyss sometimes the abyss looks back at you." Jean Sarte said: "we are condemned to be free."

A long time ago, I remember reading this quote, until now I never understood why I related to it so much. I suppose since Post 9/11 I have been watching the news more, infact I have become quite familiar with Politics as well. Perhaps that is why I'm sickened whenever I watch the news latley. To see what 'evil' is out there, perhaps has made me doubt the human goodness. I know the news is a none stop political machine, feeding you only bad news with the occasional good news, however, the bad news is real.
Although, my way may be considered 'lonely' my views about God not being real may never change. Which I'm fine with, I have come to know that I do not need to be alone, whether I believe in God or not. I live for the present, not for what is to be. Without contradicting myself, I find that the easiest way to live given what I believe the outcome of life is. I say 'without contradicting myself' because I do not mean to make it out like it is a struggle, I have been able to deal with the fact that perhaps there is nothing after our mortal life and accept it.
What it all comes down too is I suppose it is not bad to look into the abyss where 'abyss' is the nature of destruction, and evil which latley has happened to be represented in war, humans killing humans and greed. However, when you see what looks back at you it is not comforting. Whether you choose to dwell in that or understand that there is also good in this world is whether or not you achieve the peace to live.
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 Message 17 by 1.61803, posted 05-27-2004 5:40 PM 1.61803 has not yet responded

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