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Author Topic:   PROBLEM: Evolution is only a theory
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Message 31 of 32 (112404)
06-02-2004 12:35 PM
Reply to: Message 30 by Wounded King
06-01-2004 1:03 PM

I didn't know about those, so thanks for bringing them up.
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 Message 30 by Wounded King, posted 06-01-2004 1:03 PM Wounded King has not yet responded

Brad McFall
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Message 32 of 32 (112483)
06-02-2004 7:33 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by MannyB
05-09-2004 5:18 PM

biologists arent sure if the effective population number is like an integer (Mendel) of it can be ANY EVAULATION (Wright) for the selection LIKE law in FISHER. There is likely a problem in biology with symbols that has not revcieved an universality in logic first (narrowly) and then math globally to not look for the bad guy in all this future.
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 Message 1 by MannyB, posted 05-09-2004 5:18 PM MannyB has not yet responded

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