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Author Topic:   Unusual space/energy idea
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06-27-2004 1:23 PM

This theory has been posted on another forum, but one where there are no members with advanced physics knowledge. It would seem likely that its incorrect in many ways, but I'm looking for input from people with a better understanding to let me know where exactly does it go wrong.

The Inol Theory
Copyright (C) Eric Wright 2004, all rights reserved

All Energies are connected to all other energies. If one energy is bent, then all others must bend as well. Why can space not be a vast vacuum of nothingness? Answers:

· For anything to “flow” “through” space, it must first be something to be flowed through.
· For space to “bend” it must first be something to be bent.
· This allows for all of the laws of physics to still exist.

Imagine a series of chains. One chain is vertical, and there are several more that are horizontal and diagonal from the center of the center chain. The center chain will represent one type of energy and the others will represent any other energy that may be around it. If you were to pull on one chain, all the rest would move on impulse to balance all the rest out. Now, to be more realistic, we have to realize that space is not be concentrated in one spot, but yet is concentrated in multiple spots all over the universe. Instead of having all of the other energies connect to the energy at the center, let them connect at any place on the chain in the center. This would allow for more than one source to pull on. Now, to state this in a bit of a clearer manor, I'll describe it to you in a way that you may understand. Instead of the chains, imagine a trampoline. This trampoline you are imagining is covered in little strings and tight fibers in a series, just like the chain. Now, if one person were to jump on the trampoline, what would happen? The trampoline would bend towards the center of motion to balance everything out. If perhaps that person was to begin jumping constantly on the trampoline, the center of motion would change, most likely to never is the same as another. Now if you had four or five persons jump on the trampoline at a constant rate, you would then have five or more (multiple) centers of motion. If perhaps you can imagine space itself in that manor, the people being planets, stars, galaxies, etc, and everything always constantly moving, because space itself is constantly moving, then this could be how energy moves about in space.

Dimension Repulsion: When the energy and space-time of two dimensions collides, also known, in other theories, as wormholes.
There is a way to isolate the bending of energies to bending only one or two energies around it and not the others. I call this Resistance Degeneration.
Resistance Degeneration: The pull of one energy while pushing all others.
For example, if I pull the first energy, my theory insists that all other energies must follow, and I only wish to bend one, so I must use an opposite bend on the others. Also, it is possible to control where exactly you wish to bend the energy.

The Reverb Effect: The effect pulling energy has on the world around us.
The Magna Reverb Effect: The same as The Reverb Effect, only much larger, meant for large objects.
The reason we don’t notice this effect is for two reasons: one, its part of our everyday lives, so we’re just as used to it as what Einstein said about time dilation here on earth, we don’t notice it. Two, it moves at near the speed of light, but it’s constant unless acted upon, so we don’t notice that either.
Using an inertial reference frame, imagine slowing down the effect to being able to actually view it. Imagine the corner of your room; this will be the center of motion where the energy is being pulled, growing dim. You feel some heat exerting from it and you begin to notice a space and time dilation. Gravity grows stronger. If the pull becomes strong enough, you will begin to see visible light emitting from its center as the energies around it move farther up the electromagnetic scale. Of course, in real life, humans could never view such an event up close, because the heat and gravity would cause their death, unless of course you could somehow divert the effects from your body. That is The Reverb Effect, which occurs around small objects we see everyday. Of course the effect would not be as strong as I exaggerated, they would be many times smaller, almost to not even being able to see them. One law to this effect is: all objects absorb all other objects’ reverb effects. With larger objects, like entire planets, all of the Reverb Effects combine to create one Magna Reverb Effect.
Gluons are the theoretical sub particles which scientists say holds protons together inside a nucleus. However, I disagree with that. In my theory, it gives an explanation for this kind of event. When I said that all energies are connected, that included the energies that connect proton to proton, they are all connected. Yes they can stretch, but only towards each other, this would balance off the forces the protons have on each other.

The Absolute Theory: A “recalibration” of the Big Bang Theory. Before the Big Bang occurred, everything was absolutely still, nothing was moving at all. Einstein’s theory of relativity does not allow for absolutes because there are no absolutes in the universe as of “now” to compare anything to. But, however, it does leave the possibility that there ONCE was an absolute and that there is not one now. The reason I have come to this conclusion is because, under such pressure, the Big Bang would have exploded prematurely. So, to say that it was absolutely still, says that nothing was moving, we know that movement causes vibration, and in that kind of pressure, any vibration could set off the Big Bang explosion. Henceforth, God caused the universe to become absolutely still, so that he could complete his work, and then he set it off. Instead of the universe being composed of matter, rather, I believe that it was energy and space-time only. When God set one energy into motion, it caused them to bend each other. The explosion was so huge that it caused huge Dimension Repulsions from the extremely bent energy. These repulsions could have ripped the space-time jello and created matter by mixing Inol jello with space-time Jello.

Inol jello- the same thing as “hyperspace” in a jello like form.

This theory has been “merged” with a theory presented to me by a friend named Kama. His theory is called Jellotivity. You can find it at a web site, www.physicsforums.com, just do a search for it if you wish to learn more about it. Jellotivity states that space-time is a stiff jello-like substance. Any rips in this space-time jello creates mass…. for my theory, I have corrected that, I say that when space-time jello rips, it then mixes with Inol jello, this then creates mater, depending on what intensity of the vibrations sent by the rip is. Inol jello and space-time jello have the exact same properties, only Inol jello has a few extra properties to it that space-time jello does not. Inol jello has NO time or particle intervention. First, to correct how you may view dimensions. First off, dimensions are NOT parallel; instead, they are mixed together. It’s like if you melted two metals together as one. Then they would exist inside each other’s “pores”. One question that comes up, is, if dimensions exist this way, then where is hyperspace? Another question that comes up is, what is in the “cracks” when dimensions exist like this? Those two questions answer themselves. Hyperspace exists inside the “cracks” Inol jello IS hyperspace. Because it exists as pores, that means that they are separate and not one whole force, as a dimension itself would be. Wherever an electrical pulse exists is where Inol jello exists. I say this because; I also believe that Inol jello is what would control time travel between dimensions, and is also the passageway to all other dimensions. (here is a link to an extention of using Inol jello to time travel:


read it and you'll a better idea of the entire theory)

It has been proven that the brain, along with the rest of your body, produces electrical pulses constantly. It is also proven that when these pulses stop, the body “dies”, and that is only because it has no oxygen to charge it. So, this gives me reason to believe that our spirits are connected to the spiritual dimension and the physical dimension through Inol jello, which is transferred along with any electrical pulse at all. With that in mind, then time travel is also possible. If you could surround yourself with Inol jello, via electrical pulses, completely, then you would have no time or particle intervention, and could travel in-between dimensions as well. I believe, because there are pulses in the brain, that you can also do this with you mind. The possibilities are endless.

The Law Of Illusionistic Creation: once an illusion crosses into the physical world, illusions can be SEEN without ever crossing into the physical world, it will become real in the physical world. Because of my law of illusionistic creation all laws of physics no longer exist as “laws”, instead they have become manipulants, able to be manipulated. Therefore, if you create an illusion of, lets say an airplane appearing before you, if that illusion crosses into the physical world, it will become real in the physical world. Unfortunately, to “create” anything, we must already know how to create it from its most basic form. We cannot do that; we have not the knowledge. However, god does have the knowledge to do that, so God can create anything he wishes to create just by causing an illusion to cross into the physical world. All we can do is manipulate things already created by god, like fire, ice, water, things of that nature. We could perhaps create something in that manor, but it would take years and years to do it, because we would have to put every single atom, and every single molecule in just the right place, it would have to be perfect, no mistakes. And no living things could be created that way, because we have not learned how to create living things in any way other than how nature specifies. God is the only perfect being and therefore he is the ONLY creature in the universe to be able to create anything at all.

Light is light, right? Light can reach light speed, right? So then there MUST be a way to reach that speed. So, if light has been shown to be part of the electromagnetic scale, then that means that all electromagnetic radiations are related to the same source.
Law of Gravitational Forces: the amount of energy and object produces is equal to the amount of force the energies and objects would produce on each other as they bend.

Any help appriciated.

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06-27-2004 4:27 PM

Sounds interesting. Let's see the math.
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