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Author Topic:   Assistance w/ Forum Formatting
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07-22-2004 2:28 AM

When replying to any particular post, please use the LRARB, the Little Red Arrow Reply Button at the bottom of each particular post. This leaves an audit trail through a thread that makes it easy to follow a particular train of thought. Many members have email notification of replies to their posts. This is impossible unless the LRARB is used.
click to see larger version
When making a general reply to an entire thread, the larger white "Post Reply" button at the bottom of the entire page is used. This does not reply to any particular post or member.

On the left of the reply window are links that will take you to help pages for UBB and HTML coding that is allowed on this site.
To create quotation boxes, utilize UBB code as follows:
[quote]cut and paste quote[/quote]
will produce this...
cut and paste quote
[qs]cut and paste quote[/qs]
will produce this...
cut and paste quote
[qs=ME]cut and paste quote[/qs]
will produce this...
ME writes:
cut and paste quote

To paste a picture on the site here, first it needs to be a web picture. (if the picture you want to include is on your computer, you can upload it to a site such as ImageShack - Best place for all of your image hosting and image sharing needs which will host your picture and give you the code to post it on the forum.
This is the preferred way to work with web pictures also. Deep linking to an image from someone else's website can cause bandwidth issues for them is not good netiquette.
If the picture is from the web, you can use UBB code which is
[img]your url[/img]
or html which is
<img src="your url">
If the picture is large, you will probably want to use the html and add the width to the tag like this
<img width="100%" src="your url">
This helps keep the page sizes reasonable

An easy way to link to a particular forum, thread or post follows:
[forum=17] will give you this:
Links and Information
[thread=17,45] will give you this:
Assistance w/ Forum Formatting
[msg=17,45,1] will give you this:
Message 1
Putting - in front of the forum number and or thread number will cause them to not show.
Message 1

Style Guides for EvC is a link to a wonderfully written topic that is definately a must read for all newbies.

AbE: changed ALL CAPS to regular writing, and fixed spelling error.
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