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Author Topic:   What does the Flood story mean?
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09-13-2004 9:05 AM

If the Flood story was actually true, wouldn't it make God a Terrorist on a scale that makes Osama Bin Laden look like a petty thug ?

I mean did all those innocent people have to die ?

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Homer: Hey, Flanders,
heading for church? Well, I
thought I
could save you a little time.
Ned: Oooh, found a new
Homer: Better. I was
working on a flat tax
proposal and I
accidentally proved there's
no God. [shows Flanders a
sheet of paper with
complex figuring on it]
Ned: [flustered] We'll just
see about that. [reads the
Uh-oh. Well, maybe he
made a mistake. [checks it
Nope, it's airtight. Can't let
this little doozy get out.
[uses a lighter to burn the
[in the background, Homer
puts more copies of his no-
paper on the windshields
of nearby cars]

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