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Author Topic:   What is supernatural?
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Message 136 of 138 (142131)
09-13-2004 5:37 PM
Reply to: Message 134 by Phat
09-13-2004 4:30 PM

So we are to agree that the definition of supernatural is unexplained natural phenomena?

How did you get that from my post, where I specifically said there was nothing we knew to be supernatural, only things we knew to be unexplained?

You can't both conclude that something is unexplained and supernatural, because saying it's supernatural is an explanation.

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 Message 134 by Phat, posted 09-13-2004 4:30 PM Phat has not yet responded

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Message 137 of 138 (142246)
09-13-2004 11:38 PM
Reply to: Message 131 by jar
09-12-2004 10:57 PM


Indirectly at present.Since we can alter or eliminate feeling and thoughts through the use of chemical agents we are able to ascertain that the brain indeed has a physical basis for these phenomena. I will admit at present I am not aware of a measurement of thoughts and feelings per se but this is likely due to not having localized the areas responsible for these actions.But like your question reveals How do we measure these?Time will tell I think.

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Message 138 of 138 (142251)
09-13-2004 11:49 PM
Reply to: Message 137 by sidelined
09-13-2004 11:38 PM

It actually goes beyond that. We can determine that certain areas of the brain are involved in some types of emotions, some functions such as sight, but we have a long way to go from that to the concept of thought.

The idea of blocking capabilities is also a long way from thought. We know that certain drugs can limit capabilities, but again, that is a long way from thought.

Someday we will likely be able to even find some way of reading thought.

But there is still the issue of thought itself. There are issues like originality, intuition, discrimination, insight; the difference between genius and mundane. There is the issue of love and art, of beauty and empathy. There is the issue of creativity.

I believe there is still lots for us to learn.

Aslan is not a Tame Lion
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 Message 137 by sidelined, posted 09-13-2004 11:38 PM sidelined has not yet responded

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