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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   who is WILLOWTREE?
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11-04-2004 6:40 PM
Reply to: Message 25 by dpardo
11-04-2004 6:12 PM

dpardo helping?
Perhaps, dpardo, you could be helpful to WT.
He may see you as someone who is not dishonest, nasty, a liar, etc, and so forth. This may allow you to talk to him and point out to him what his actions suggest about the quality of his actual evidence.
The height claim is clearly the most important one to WT's source's claims so it is understandable that he keeps coming back to that. The problem with it is the overall complexity of what is being suggested and claimed.
There are, for the height, specific claims which there appear to be no way to independently check. This means that one side or the other has to rely on the statments of others. It would be interesting to clear it up as far as we possibly can with the limits on what we can do here.
However, there are several other claims (LLM,LLP, center of delta, center of area, curvature) which are much easier to examien and independently check. It was for this reason that the LLM was pulled out as an example.
Perhaps you can show WT how much doubt it casts on all the claims when one as simple as the LLM is causes him to go off in great harangs of invective instead of just dealing with it.
I think you are closer in beliefs to him than most of the rest of us. Your opinion on the whole thing would be interesting to me and might, just maybe, be helpful to him. I'm more than a bit afraid that if you hint at disagreement with him you will be branded as a God-senseless, no true Christian though. Good luck.
If you agree completely with him on the nature of evidence that would be suitable for something like the LLM claim I would be interested in how you would explain and justify that. WT doesn't even try to do that so it is hard to understand just what the heck he is thinking.

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