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Author Topic:   US deals with disposal of 9/11 hijacker remains
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08-16-2002 8:05 PM

A recent article on CNN.com raised an interesting question: what should the FBI/ US govt do with the 9 sets of remains believed to be
the hijackers of 9/11? No families or foreign governments have yet
requested their return. Should the US offer to inter them with some sort of dignity, toss them in a secret mass grave, or dispose of them in a manner that is deliberately offensive to their Islamic beliefs? Maybe we could cremate them and put them in a corner of the basement of the Smithsonian? They are, after all, some of the most
hated individuals in American history, though ironically, I don't think anyone here can even name one of them from memory.

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 Message 2 by axial soliton, posted 08-29-2002 2:13 AM gene90 has not yet responded

axial soliton
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08-29-2002 2:13 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by gene90
08-16-2002 8:05 PM

Put the remains in a crate and file it, I say.

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 Message 1 by gene90, posted 08-16-2002 8:05 PM gene90 has not yet responded

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