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Author Topic:   Flu Remedies?
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12-21-2004 10:25 PM

i use habinaro peppers

kills everything including the tase buds
but you have to remember a flu is a virus (at the ones i'm familiar with) amd because of that it is composed of a protien shell, and nucleic acid... now this stuff does not move, consume, or excrete... SO HOW DOES SALT WORK??? besides slowing down your bodily cell's ability to metabolize slowing down the viruses reprodutive abilities. so unless the NA+ ions can denature the nucleic acid or the protien coat
so denature the protien coat around the virus by exposing it to spice so it cannot function properly.

and alcohol lowers your immune system so no drinking when your sick... lerned that the hard way. *looks at sig*

simple science.

i'm pretty sure salt affects only bacteria by raising the osmotic pressure outside the bacteria so it loses all it's H2O

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