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Author Topic:   How is it that we view IC and ID?
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Message 46 of 47 (17614)
09-17-2002 1:56 PM
Reply to: Message 37 by Joe Meert
05-19-2002 6:59 PM

The question is actually how the information COULD have arisen!

Natural selection? NO
WHY? The process of natural selection gets rid of information that doesn't help a species to survive. It DOES NOT add any information in any way whatsoever.

Mutation? Very unlikely
WHY? Well, for a start mutations are usually either lethal or they actually make it more difficult to survive. If the mutated species do survive it still happens very rarely that any new information is obtained in the process.

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 Message 37 by Joe Meert, posted 05-19-2002 6:59 PM Joe Meert has not yet responded

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Message 47 of 47 (17641)
09-18-2002 1:24 AM

That's why evolution requires both mutation and natural selection together.

Any mutation has small chance of being beneficial, regardless of the number of neutral or negative mutations. Selection is the process of eliminating the larger number of negative mutations, leaving only the neutral or beneficial mutations.

All mutations that increase the novelty in the genome "add" information to the genome. Selection is the process which eliminates the "unspecified" information, leaving only specified information behind.

The combination is evolution, and it is both mathematically and naturally inevitable in any genetic replicating system.

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