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Author Topic:   Life without the mite
Brad McFall
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09-20-2002 12:10 PM

Oh, let me see if this suggestion is worth what it enables. My whole bloody position...

Herpetology owes Lamark at least his theory of life-fluid becasue rather than actuall do something about the environment of pseduo-snakes and lizard coloring herpetologists have thought it appropriate to inform the young up and coming that creationism is not a part of science while a trend to apologize for Lamark went undeveloped.

According to Nordenskiold p333 To his mind, life it self is the condition in all the parts of the body that makes their organic movements possible. This condition consists in the existence of ÒlÕorgasme vital,Ó a state of tension, a Òtonus,Ó which maintains the molecules in the soft parts of the body in a definite position and which by increasing and diminisihing enables the organs to contract and expand.Ó

C. Maxwell wrote 372. It is found that the force which acts on the body tends to cause a certain line I the body, called the Axis of the Magnet, to become parrallel to a certain line in space, called the Direction of the Magnetic Force. Let us suppose the magnet suspended so as to be free to turn in all directions about a fixed point. To eliminate the action of...Ó

Bates wrote, ÒStoner+ first drew attention to some important magnetic effects which must arise if only a small fraction of a ferromagnetic is in the form of particles containing merely some 10^3 or 10^4 atoms, for these small particles will act as a trace of an impurity of extrememly high magnetic moment.Ó

Furthermore Maxwell witnessed that not only the evolution of heat by magnets possibly is maximal but that mechancial work could be got by moving some of the domains of this particle aggregation which work is variously expressed in ReifÕs Statistical and Thermal .Physics.

It is the formation of this configuration that is being used to explain biomechanics by altering the current electrolytic ion flow process either by attraction and repulsion at distance or directly by division within the field creating by the cooperating participant molecules where was thought to exist holisitcally or not Òmorphogenetic fieldsÓ. This concpet is found to not exist and is being replaced by a recursion relation of the elastic and electric Spirit that participates in the abilty to chemically produce mechanical changes of form soley by the electrolytic oppostie ion directions enccritical temperature also destroys the alignemnts.Ó Blood clotting could be re-thought on this foundation but the realtion of temperature to any blood line will have to await explication of the ÒsecondÓ part beyond this statistical statics that Boltzmann has more narrow than Gibbs for any use of Maxwell and explain why it was Rene Thom only who took appropriate interest in WaddingtionÕs contribution to biology. Locomotion, migration and dispersal cannot be isolated as can the organic chemisty invloved. Nef IRON whether by stress or strain does not ÒmaintianÓ the molecular positions relative to any prior thought homology but individsually is able to reroute chemical motion from that which would occur without the specific blood of the taxa involved wholy reducively physcio-chemically and this is accomplished by use of the magnetic field supply torque to electrolytic and other boding atrraction currents and lines of ÒforceÓ. The concept of ÒorganizerÓ is rethought on this basis and found to yield its spatio-temporal control to the empricial geometry of the electricity and magnetism that the body is ÒthrownÓ into by the very Òcentral earthÓ of its materiality whether elastic or electric etc and NewtonÕs notion of the difference of fish and lizards is re-introduced into the VonÕ Beer outline of morphogeny and ontogeny relations by indicating an angle that biomagnetism provides the expression inter alia of between any given histogeny and morphogeny per taxogeny such that morphology is no longer sutiable guide to any analogy that may be inherent in the kinds that posses this capacity to alter the direction and hence in4tensity of the chemcial equilibnrium within while heteropgenous for any homogenous genetic transimmaion ability of the same in the physiological gentics so re-writ on this embryologcial inspection.

Gibbs,: ÒBut although, as a matter of history, statistical mechanics owes its origin to investigations in thermodynamics, it seems eminently worth of an independent development, both on account of the elegance and simplicity of tis principles and because it yields new results and and places old truths in a new light in departments quite outside of thermodynamics. Moreover, the separate study of this branch of mechanics seems to afford the best foundation for the study of rational thermodynamcis and molecular mechanics.Ó

Boltzmann,:ÓThe first par investigates the conditions under which the externally apparent properties of a complex of very many mechanical individuals do not change at all...ÓÓ The credit for having systematized this science, having presented it in a comprehensive treatise, and having given it a characteristidc name belongs to one of the great American scientists,perhaps the greatest, as far as purely abstract thinking and purerly theoretical research is concerned - Willard Gibbs, the recently deceased professor of Yale College.Ó

ÒHemaglobin FunctionÓ There are approximately 280 million molecules of hemoglobin in each red blood cell. Becasue a hemoglobin molecule contains four heme units, each erthrocyte can potentially carry more than a billion molecules of oxygen.Óenabes them to bend and flex when entering..can squeeze through capilaries as narrow as 4umÓ; Òenables them to form stacks, like dinner plates, that smooth the flow through...Ó

Electric and Magnetic Interactions byChabay and Sherwood p456 ÒIn the case of pure iron, when you remove the applied magentic field the piece of iron goes back nearly to its original disordered patchwork of domains and doesnÕt act like a magnet. But in some other ferromagneitc materials, including some alloys of iron, when you remove the applied field the domains remain nearly alligned. In that case you end up with a permanent magentt like the one you have, which is probably made of the alloy Alnico. Hitting a magnett a hard blow may disorder th domains and make the metal no longer act like a magnet. Heating above a critical temperature also destroys the alignemnts.Ó Blood clotting could be re-thought on this foundation but the realtion of temperature to any blood line will have to await explication of the ÒsecondÓ part beyond this statistical statics that Boltzmann has more narrow than Gibbs for any use of Maxwell and explain why it was Rene Thom only who took appropriate interest in WaddingtionÕs contribution to biology. Locomotion, migration and dispersal cannot be isolated as can the organic chemisty invloved. Necessary extension to any kind of living motions requires a caluclable kinematics emulation.

Gibbs"Difficulties of this kind have deterred tha author from attempting to explain the mysteries of nature, and have forced him to be contended with the more modest aim of deducing some of the more obvious propositions relating to the statistical branch of mechanics.Ó Boltzmann:ÓThis difficult in principle explains why even the most simple result of statistical statics, the proof of MaxwellÕs distribution law of the velocities of gas molecules, is still being contested.Ó

The difference of Fisher's environment and Wright's approach of the same.


Boltzmann: ÒThe second part calculates the gradual changes of these externally visible properties, when the first condition is not met; this might be called statistical dynamics. The wide vistas opened up to us when we think of the application of this scienc not only to mechanical bodies but also to the statisitcs of living creatures ....Ó This is how GlasdyshevÕs ÒmacrothermodynamicsÓ ( a part of statistical statics) can receive by working a division between equilibrium and non-equilibrium thermodynamics for any molecular biolgoy idÕd IN THE ARITHEMATIC a called for ÒdarwinizationÓ even if not called for by meetiing NewtonÕs diffentiation of geometry and mechanics in the different philsosphys of math that population genetics recieves from the direction of a Wright informed or Fisher informed form of study of the time that is the same to both that CAN NOT BE REVERSED for the across science emprical geometry in the database whether or not the correct metadata had been developed or not.

So the premise being with Boltzman for any species selection if possily not genic selection becomes Òif we start from the simplest basic assumptions about equal probability, we find laws for the realtionships of aggregates of very many indiviuals, completely analogous to those which experience shows for the behavior of the material world. Translatory or rotary visible motion must be gradually transformed into invisible motion of the smallest particles, that is into heat motion.

Only this thesis is that whatever MINIMUM this work gives for Shrdinger invocatiuon of negative enrtopy in the sicnece of life it is not heat but biomechanics that is the end of the means of living alive even if puncutated equilibrium is true. This IS the science of nanotechonolgy but before it can hope to be ethical it must consider this input from population genetics and the science of biological change .

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