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Author Topic:   Music (aka - The internet is dead and I'm bored)
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04-13-2005 11:35 PM
Reply to: Message 27 by jar
04-10-2005 10:35 PM

jar writes:

Speaking of Yardbirds, anyone follow the recent releases from Jack Bruce & Ginger Baker?

I just got Falling off the Roof by Ginger Baker Trio. The tracks with Bela Fleck are particularily nice. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by it, since the reviews I read of it were quite critical.

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04-14-2005 12:10 AM

Some Favorite Albums
Just some favorite albums off my playlist

Arcade Fire - Funeral
Bjork - Debut
Brian Eno - Another Green World
Broken Social Scene - Feel Good Lost
Cream - Disreali Gears
David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust
Erykah Badu - Mama's Gun
Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots
Mos Def & Talib Kweli - BlackStar
My Bloody Valentine - Loveless
Nick Drake - Pink Moon
Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother
Radiohead - Kid A
Sigur Ros - Both () and Agaetis Byrjun
Stereolab - Emperor Tomato Ketchup
Stevie Wonder - Innervisions
Traffic - John Barleycorn Must Die
Yes - Close to the Edge
Zombies - Oddessey & Oracle (most under-rated band of the 60s)

IMO, Sigur Ros is one of the best bands playing right now. Their music is simply beautiful, no better words could describe it. I can't wait for their new album to come out, and for them to come on tour.
(For those who don't know them. Every once and a while, their music is in some movies. i.e. during the submarine scene at the end of Life Aquatic)

I'm surprised that Stereolab has not been mentioned yet. Any one of their albums promises quite a listening experience.

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06-16-2005 12:19 AM

The only recent cd that has really mattered to me
Listening to it as I type this.

Camper Van Beethoven - New Roman Times (2004)

I was going to post an allmucic.com link, but I can't get that site to connect right now.

From the closing cut (Hey Brother):
"'Cause from the fire I am reborn
like the phoenix of ancient lore
I will be cleansed of all my sins
And on a spiral I shall rise
As the flames reach to the sky
To sit forever on the right hand of the lord"

Moose (from the dark side?)

"Bring on the revolution, I want to die for something" - Pretenders, Revolution, from Last Of The Independents

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06-16-2005 6:23 AM

Oasis (whatever it's called) - more of the same as before as far as I can tell.

Coldplay (X&Y) - pretty good guitar-based stuff.

The Tears (here comes the tears) - Basically suede (or London Suede for our american chums)under a different name. Bland and indifferent.

Gorillaz (Demon days) - An amazing album, something different each time I hear it.

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06-21-2005 11:42 PM

Kraftwerk's Autobahn
I was just listening to this, and since it's a big favorite of mine I thought I'd post about it. I don't think you can find anywhere a more dramatic example of an ahead-of-its-time song. I'm convinced that it had a profound impact on the techno craze that came along many years later.

Autobahn, a musical interpretation of a trip down the famous German superhighway, began life as a 22-minute album track in 1974. It was severely cut to a 3-minute single (which reminds me of Iron Butterfly's Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida, edited from about 20 minutes down to 2 for a single) and became a hit both here and in Europe. Years later, the album version was much more reasonably condensed into a 10-minute version for inclusion on a Kraftwerk Greatest Hits album. It is the 10-minute version that I now prefer, since the full-length track gets a bit tiring before it ends.

Check out the allmusic review:

History has not recorded whose idea it was to edit the original, 22 minute title track to the fourth Kraftwerk album down to a snappy three minutes. Nor does it recall the look on the faces of the sales reps who were handed advance copies of it, and told to do their job. But few records have ever seemed so unlikely, so unsuitable, so ”unsingle-like” as "Autobahn". And few have turned all those presumptions so thoroughly on their heads. Top 30 in America, Top 20 in the UK, "Autobahn" (and in its wake, not only its parent album, but also a rush-reissued Ralf And Florian) became the surprise hit of 1975.

In Britain, the record was popularly known as ”Dr Who music”, out of deference to Ron Grainer's pioneering electronic soundtracks to the long-running sci- fi TV series. And elsewhere, a surprisingly popular misinterpretation of the record's lyric left armies of schoolkids under the impression that the group were singing "fun fun fun on the autobahn," like a bunch of grinning Teutonic Beach Boys. But band member Wolfgang Flur is unequivocal. "No! Someone else told me that they thought the way we speak in German, 'Fahren,' which means driving, sounds like the English word, 'fun.' 'Fahren fahren fahren,' 'fun fun fun.' That is wrong. But it works. Driving is fun. We had no speed limit on the autobahn, we could race through the highways, through the Alps, so yes, fahren fahren fahren, fun fun fun. But it wasn't anything to do with the Beach Boys! We used to drive a lot, we used to listen to the sound of driving, the wind, passing cars and lorries, the rain, every moment the sounds around you are changing, and the idea was to rebuild those sounds on the synth."

"Autobahn" completely rewrote the rock rulebook. There was simply nothing to relate it to. Nothing except - it really did sound like a roadtrip. Trucks race by, horns honk, there's the windshield wipers and splash through a puddle. If you really thought about it, it was almost frighteningly mundane. But it was also exquisitely exciting, a fact which two continents' worth of record buyers were fast to pick up on. “Some of the American radio stations were playing the short version,” Flur continued. “But some were playing the whole track. It sounded really good on car radios, I was told."

"I think younger workers — first of all, younger workers have been promised benefits the government — promises that have been promised, benefits that we can't keep. That's just the way it is."— George W. Bush, May 4, 2005

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06-22-2005 3:34 AM
Reply to: Message 65 by berberry
06-21-2005 11:42 PM

Re: Kraftwerk's Autobahn
Glad to see someone mention Kraftwerk. I think they're one of the greatest bands ever.

They toured here in January 2003 and I made sure I didn't miss the concert. What can I say, they were brilliant. If you ever get the chance to see them in concert, it's well worth it.

On the 7th day, God was arrested.

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 Message 65 by berberry, posted 06-21-2005 11:42 PM berberry has not yet responded

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