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Author Topic:   A Few Facts That Need Checking
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07-02-2005 11:23 AM

Question? Who made God, and when.

Answer. I ask people how they explain eternity. they say "forever." There is a much easier definition to explain it. Eternity is 'No Time.' time didn't happen before God made the universe and us as we know it. In heaven, one day equals one thousand days and one thousand days equals one day. if you were there, for a period of time, you'd have no idea how long you've been there. it could be 1 minute, it could be 200 years. God has always been there. Another example i use is just say I am a computer game programer. I make a game like simcity or the sims. Now I make people, and those people have to live by certain laws. I make a law about gravity, i make a law about time, i make a law saying they can not make wine out of water. they are restricted in what they can do. But me being the programer, i could give myself access to do anything in that 'world'. that is how i see God came about and made everything and how Jesus could do the miricles he did.

Another topic.
How i believe God exists.
its to do with information. Information is not random. it has to be repetitive and/or in a sequence. e.g. if i just mash the keyboard; 'rlsijhals;kdghals' that is not information because it is random. whereas a sentance like 'This is information' is information because i used a universal, pre-arranged medium (the alphabet) to convey a mesaage. Inforamtion also needs a sender and a reciever in order for it to be information. a good example of this is the SETI program. this program is searching the cosmos for a coded signal, then they'll know there is intelligent life out there. so using the same reasoning, if we find a coded source, it means someone inteligent made it. DNA is coded information. Someone made that information and put it there. Information can not come from nothing. but the thing is, information has to be put somewhere, just like a hard drive for your comuter, it needs to be stored. A cell in our body is .008 millimeters. the nucleus is .004 millimeters. there is 2 metres of DNA curled up in that area. it has the ability to make any part of our body from just one cell. So my point is, information is stored in our cells, but our cells need information to be made. what came first. the cell or information?

thanks for reading, appreciate any feedback.

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 Message 2 by AdminJar, posted 07-02-2005 12:06 PM Fluke has not yet responded

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07-02-2005 12:06 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by Fluke
07-02-2005 11:23 AM

Welcome to EvC
Right now your post is not quite ready for promotion to the discussion forums. As it stands it's pretty disjointed, touches on a number of areas and is not specific enough to warrant promotion.

It looks as though you have several topics ...

  • Who Made GOD?
  • the second paragraph is interesting but I can't get a handle on what the subject is supposed to cover.
  • the third paragraph seems to ask about information but before that could be discussed you'd need to outline just what constitutes information

See if you can edit the OP to concentrate on just one question. If you decide to concentrate on the question of information, begin with a definition of what constitutes incormation. Does CATG have more information than CTAG?

After you edit your OP, post a reply here to me and we can take another look.

At the end of this message you'll find some links to threads that might make your stay here more enjoyable. In particular, take some time to go over the Post of the month forum. There you'll find examples of what makes a great post.

Once again, welcome to EvC.


It's been several days and no edits or changes have been made. Going ahead and closing this.

This message has been edited by AdminJar, 07-09-2005 09:24 AM

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 Message 1 by Fluke, posted 07-02-2005 11:23 AM Fluke has not yet responded

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