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Author Topic:   Creaton Waves and Morphogenetic Fields
Brad McFall
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11-13-2002 11:39 AM
Reply to: Message 11 by Mammuthus
11-13-2002 7:06 AM

You would think but now Julian Humphries is doing the some signifincant biodiveristy informatic programing in Kansas (which is where I wanted to go the herp school before I decided to try climbing the IVY etc) and was one of my independent advisors being the Cornell Museum curator at the time. He insisted that BEFORE requests were sent out for Carphophis across the country that the statistical procedure to be used in analysis be decided ahead of time. This had to do with his narrowly phentic at the time notion of "encoding" of data. I was not well aware of the differences between cladistics, phyletics, baraminilogiy to be, phenetics (and I also had a concuurent indepenedent study on Croizat etc that was needed to be worked into the final paper/thesis). He had agreed with me to get the speciemens recieved at Cornell at the beginning of 87 fall sememeter and willing signed on and I waited till the last day to request this course be changed hoping he would return to his decision at the start of the year. He never did. I determined that at least for the Fall I did not need to decide how I would treat ANOVAs etc and only needed camera lucida drawings scaneed into the computers from which any errors in collection of the data would not be significant for the undergrad puposes (he may have had more of his more present day "grand" ideas)which wasnt needing to look at scanning EM of the difference of :alpha: and:beta: keratin (though I could not say for sure so I was considered the one with the mistake and "crazy" to post-pone changing for so long) but only if the pre-frontals divded or not for which I had a mathematician willing to work on affine transforms to work on the level of the whole scale. Humphries saw the forest. In this case I WAS looking at the trees. I wanted to try to correlate gotten morphometrics from the proposed camera lucida drawings to try to correlate with underlaying muscle but in another class Kraig Adler did not have the expertise though he and I knew about as much herpetology as at any other school. Each teacher wanted their specailty to be "perfect" such that Will Provine refused (since he was incharge of the whole project) to step on any profs toes and me for trying to bring this information to the president Rhodes who also had writ a book on evolution was committed to mental institution by a Marxist who did not share my political views etc even though I was willing to work in his philosophy etc.
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 Message 11 by Mammuthus, posted 11-13-2002 7:06 AM Mammuthus has not yet responded

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