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Author Topic:   does it matter which is or not when there is value commercially?
Brad McFall
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04-26-2003 1:49 PM

On replacing the biological notion of homology with a new transfinite genetics or preliminary quotations in preperation to JUDGE the alternative of Collet apparently contrary Thom that either the continuum is not well-ordered OR the 3 infinite proper subsets and inversion of the natural lexicographic ordering of two of these substets exist (aka Lewontin's coupled differential equation can be disqualified by an answer to inspection as Collet requested by an intergration in adjudication specifically when not only of the question does so-called "programmed cell-death" require a prior death or is a law of growth involved?). "The ideological importance of the scientific success of molecular biology should not be underestimated. For example, it has given rise to sociobiology and pseudoscientific books such as THE SELFISH GENE (Dawkins 1978). Peculiarly, a number of the principal founders and forefathers of molecular biology, such as J.D. Bernal, Linus Pauling, Salvador Luria, Herman Muller, and Jacques Monod, were political radicals and expected their radical conceptions of biology would debunk traditional science (Yoxen 1981:74). Yet the ultimate outcome of their research would in the late 1970s provide a technological support of economic growth. What in the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s appeared as a radical new biology and "pure" basic research, in the 1970s and 1980s was transformed into a basis for commerce."(Kennyp12-13)


I will accomplish this by talking MORE but not merely to supply both a collection and Name that did not exist for Lebesque than Bertrand Russel who in PRINCIPLES OF MATHEMATICS delimited the worked thru creation/evolution confusion to the harmonic tune of "The kind which belongs to the rational numbers, and consists in having a term between any two we have agreed to call compactness; and to avoid confusion, I shall never again speak of this kind of continuity."

But we shall code the polymorphous set whether encoded or incodingj to the sound of the compaction that definitionally is continuous in the application of nanotechnology to mole bio with RNA between any DNA. For we shall find while testing Wolfram's NEW KIND OF SCIENCE that biodiversity informatic IT and bioinfomatics platforms will more efficiently become integrable during this judgement. There will be also criticism independent of the length of prolonging beyond Russel due to concommittant Macrothermodynamcis or better statistical mechanics of the dual translation and transcription into adherence, coherence and inherence classes for Haldanes putting of Wright use of geometric progreesion witll not be discarded apriror nor out of hand.

"The handicap of the applied perspective is illustrated by the fact that important discoveries such as George Beadle and Edward Tatum's one-gene_one-enzyme concept, Jacques Monod and Francois Jacob's operon and central dogma of gene expression, Linnus Pauling's alpha heliz, and Watson and Crick's double helix "were all the work of biologists, chemists, and physicists, who made it clear that they regarded biochemists as ploders"(Kohler 1982:325). Biochemistry, trapped in its institutional context, was overshadowed in scientific achievement by the new field of of molecular biology. Though succsessful in the United States by the middle of the 1930s, biochemistry was facing institutional competitors that were infringing upon its academic turf. The competitors wer asking new, more general m and abstract questions regarding the nature of life."p10(Kenney, M.)

This will become increasinlgy apparent in the lower limit of biological discouse as it will be herein stipulated that Kervran's potentially weak force biological transmutations will not be considered real in the sense of Cantor wanted religously or not to distinguish real and reel numbers no matter whehter one agrees with me or GOuld on Mayr etc as we mrshall with Cantor and Russell but agaisnt Dauben and others the non-existence of the infintiesmals as far as Wolfram's analgogy of natural selection and engineering goes (Immunology has the competence to make it practical as to the extent of LOGICal disagreement IN BIOLOGY) with linear numbers (no matter the "fractal" but with WOODGERS logic of the bauplan) learning to seperate and keep seperate IN COMPUTERS geometric and arithmetic statistics (of biometry) will be.

"In addition, molecular biologists started to claim that because of developments in the understanding of DNA, they could discover the cause of cancer and provide a cure for it. An example of teh acceptance of these claims is the spectacular growth of the NIH Viral Oncology Program in the 70s (table 1.1). The assertion was well received in political and business circles because it focused on the molecular level rather than on an examination of the release of carcinogens into the workplace and the environment. In fact, the funding decreases in the 1980-83 period occurred because of a shift in NIH research priorities to examination of environmental causes of cancer, As in earlier matters regarding the proper role of the federal government, the path of leas resistance was favored."(MKp16-17)

Huxley-Evolution:The Modern Synthesis Chp3 Mendelism and Evolution 1. Mutation and Selection "The essence of Mendelian heredity is that it is particulate. The genetic constitution is composed of discrete units. Each kind of unit can exist in a number of discrete forms. The hereditary transmission of any one kind o funit is more or less independent being a partial one, concerned with the phenomenon oflinkage." p47

Dauben-p293 "Cantor had never been content with a purely mechanical physics. Above all else, it seemed destined to promote materialism which he attributed in large measure to Issac Newton and to Newton's faulty metaphyiscs.74 As an antidote, Cantor sought what he called an organic theory of nature determined with the same mathematical precision as Newton had brought to his materialistic, mechanical philosophy. The key to this new organic approach was to be found, Cantor believed, in his transfinite numbers:

The elements of the set M in question are to be thought of as seperate; in the intellectual copy of M^_, which I call its order type, the units are nevertheless joined into an organism. In a certain sense these order types may be regarded as a composite of matter and form; the conceptually distinct units contained therein comprise the matter, while the order of these elements corresponds to their form.75"

The THESIS IS - Resistance (no matter the actual statistics on the intensity-current correlation) as Helmhotlz relates Ampere's work to Faraday's state by state minimal substance/force compilation such that this is NOT redenerd no longer effective post A-Arcy Thompson) in experimental philosophy I calim is DIFFERENT BIO-Logcially but may not be different physico-chemically. Specifically birds/mammals will be shown to show a different quantification statistically than reptiles/amphibians/fish. For instance the heritble relations of protozoans may be due to bioentropisms. Evolutionary theory needs to be modifeid to perimt this use case possibility.

"VI REAL NUMBERS 17. Program. Numerical pairs
We have seen how the notation of the theory of classes suffices for the arithemetic of natural numbers. Let us turn our consideration to ratios (excluding for present convenience, negative ones).

The use of ratios to express proportion between natural numbers does not require us to recognize ratios as additional objects at all. To say that x is u/v or y, or that x/y=u/v, is simply to say what can be said within natural number theory thus: x^.v =y^.u. To say that x/y <u/v, again, is merely to say that x^.v<y^.u. Indeed we can even express proportion between ratios within natural number theory; for, to say that x/z is u/v of y/w is merely to say that x^.v^.w = y^.u^.z. Nor are matters altered when additon and multiplication are extended to ratios; for,....Exponetiation of ratios is a very differnt thing...into irrational numbers."Quine p120

I had not noticed the use of symmetry that Russel had called attention to in this understably difficult path in logic which apparently was the cause of Mayr's ill placed remark and Cornell professors attempt to apologize for him when I had suggested to tag organic infividuality with irrational numbers related by some man-made correlation to the forms databased but enabling retrieval of species' specific information more effectively than Linneaus' trinomialized location of Noah's Ark. Certainly this thought can not be dismissed when trying the transfinite covering of why Mendel proposed the use of 4 seeds for an IMPROPER infinite enumeration of any amount of finite numbers used in THIS digitization of biological content.

Mendelp8 "Henceforth in this paper those characters which are transmitted entire, or almost unchanged in the hybridization, and therefore in themselves consitute the characters of the hybrid, are termed dominant, and those which become latent in the process recessive. The expression "recessive" has been chosen because the characters thereby designated withdraw or entirely disappear in the hybrids, but nevertheless reappear unchanged in the their progeny, as wioll be demonstrated later on."

This reappearence may be signaled by the collection of ordinals forming a cardinal apparent in the progeny. However to be as fair as possible in the end to Fisher one must either actuall discount Huxley account of mendelizing gene diffences in the absolute (by failure ot analyize with the simply ordered sets?)or in particular some sematics lexically determinatble of his claim historically about the dropping of Medel's characters being false. This is a false fact in evolutionary law when not also simply the failure BOTH to have the French and recent Englsih translations of Cantor distinguish the real and reel numbers and the failure of geneticits to work the EXTERNAL variable no matter the approximation of the data to 3:1 to INFINITE I N I T E G E R S thus it may simply be that Huxley took Mendel's NOTION of REapperence of the recessive (defined and termed by Mendel) in the F2 as a PHSYICAL PRIOR disapperence WHERE if an infinite and not a finite integers rules the statical result is never THOUGHT as SPATIAL removal. This gets back to Russel notion that the SPACE would at least on Cantors notion be "religously" different and defendable with transfinites no matter the natura/naturatta distinction Dauben quite scholarly remanded BETWEEN philsophy and mathtmeatics so if molecualr biology can use continiuty of the rational power no matter the response to COllet with Thom or aginst Lewontins non-use of catastrophe theory in working in the EVOLUTION in topobiology then Huxley's HISTORICAL claim about genetics would be showable in a court of genetic paradigms to be the false fact I have already indicated it is appearing to be.

"If conflict of interest is more than not stealing pipettes or perhaps benefiting from government resarch monies, it must be accepted that being a professor or univerisity science is somewhat more of a "job." If "the academic seeks knowledge and learning for itw own sake (Linnell, quoted in Inman 1983:1), then certain other behavioral rules are to be expected. These behaviors include ensuring free and open low of information, not exploting students, spending the requistie time with students, not exploiting or apporpriating university research for private use. On the other hand, if a professor is not seeking learning for learning's skae, then it is only proper to treat him as an employee and seek greater control over his work activities.

The simplest case of interest conflict - it is by no means unusual- occurs when a professor has a significant equity interest in the company, recieves consulting fees from the comapny, and simultaneously has been awarded a research grant from the company. Cases of conflict of interest are very difficult to discover becasue securing access to accountings of professional grants is very difficult."p114-5

A cardinal characterization of the hybrid thenleads to a search of the cardinals N0 , N1, N2,... to find an accessible one that the ordinals generated from this number created a numbering ( that is the difference of finite and infinite if you do not know this theology) thru the sexual union of ordinals that generates a next cardinal distributing simply ordered sets epigentically in the offspring as a form of the ordinals per ordertype of an ordinal number class the parental or hybrid cardinal on union formatted by equivalent sophistication or specifically categorizable realtion of mutations and cell collectives.

As the sign Mendel used was A + 2Aa + a somehow the transfinite nimber in this taxa must have twice as much ordertype formation than the formated formation of the cardinals and ordinals involved no matter the infinite symbol for the simply ordered sets involved in form-making and translation in space the well-ordering as expressed by the actually finite # reproductions per bio-change to some other well-ordering is to have been and becomes.


Mendel's Experiment with Hybrids of other Species of Platns @ "In Pisum it is known that the characters of the flower- and seed- colour present themselves unchanged in the first and further generations, and that the offspring of the hybrids display exclusively the one or the other of the characters of the original stocks. It iws otherwise in the experiment we are consdering" that this notion of Cantor's ASSUMPTION that every set could be well-ordered.

Is the difference of stress of cardinal numbers from the Grundlagen to the Beitrage and failure to complete discussion on the cardinal series but Cantor the same correlation of left and right that Mendel used to divide the dominant which rather was the ordinal in Phaseolous proof of concept on Weyl because of double dominant signification both of parental and hybrid character which for Cantor never got beyond Dedekind criticism for the logical reasons or morality betwen Russel and Poincare etc that seemed to cut no difference as regards flame spectra sicne the well-ordering need not have been chosen if the hybrid is the ordertype of simply ordered SETS that were cladistically united in the platns of the garden by molecualr biology of compact non mutant extensively classified real number theory of A<B<C for 1:3 but NOT D and variable nature of endemic redundancy not figured in? Is not Mendel's expression A + 2Aa +a as the nature of 2:1:1 generated statistically but ordertype, ordinal and cardinal per THE SET that an infinite number the finite # reporductions result in, no matter the physical naure of the whole which unlike the chromosome recombined did not being of finite account have but the part different than the whol of total inherence which the topobiologist assumes polymorphically is evolutionary differentiation seen in peas did not rule to any Wolfram universality?

The developmental series are ordertypes (definable or not with simply ordered sets) of these differentiations of applied e-numbers? integrated from simply ordered sets or linear numbers not infintesimals in the elliptic funtion on the complex plane retained PROJECTIONS of catastrophe sets and the FINITE # of hoxological boxes per cladistic division divided ir/when (in bio-change) a Russell type class contradition does or does not approach the relevant infinite unconditioned whether the single infinty of the complex numbers ortholgizable or the transfinites being determined for do not the "simple program" work for compact continuityand not differential equations????

So if Collet did not have proper subsets but nonetheless could make a well-ordering this is not possible by heterogenous (Gould) time but by uniform application of Principia Botanica. Did Collet? The point is that Mangelsdorf in 65 when footnoteing Mendel wrote "In the hybrid offspring the two particles of a pairj are unlike but they do not blend or influence each other to produce generational forms."


Mendel- "These two experiments are important for the determination of the average ratios, because with a smaller number of experimental plants they show that the very considerable fluctuations may occur. In counting the seeds, also, especially in Expt.2, some care is requisite, since in some of the seeds of many plants the green colour of the albumen is less developed, and at first may be easily overlooked. The cause of this partial disappearence of the gree colouring has not connection with the hybrid-character of the plants, as it likewise occurs in the parental variety. This peculiarity [bleaching] is also confined to the individual and is not inherited by the offspring. In luxuriant plants this appearance was frequently noted.

Dauben - "Again, since there was no largest element, one could imagine another number representing the entireity, in order, of numbers w+v. Denoting this entirety by 2w, it was possible to continue further:

2w, 2w+1,2w+2,...2w+v,...

In attempting ot characterize this mode of generation, Cantor allowed that w could be regarded as a limit which the natural numbers N (increasing monotonically) approcahed but never reached.^10 Lest the analogy seem entirely mistaken, he added that by this he meant only to emphasize the character of w taken as the first whole number following next after all the numbers nEN. The idea of w as a limit served to satisfy its role as an ordianl, the smallestg integer larger than any integer nEN.

This then was the second principle of generation. Whenever a set of numbers could be considered as limitless in extent, new transfinite numbers could always be generated by positing the existence of some least number larger than any in the given class. Cantor expressed the essential feature of this second principle of generation in terms of tis logical function:

I call it the second principle of generation of real [realen] whole numbers and define them more precisely: if any definite succession of defined whole real numbers exists, for which there is no largest, then a new number is created by means of the second principle of generation which is thought of as the limit of those numbers, i.e., it is defined the next larger of all of them.^11

By succesive application of the two principles it was always possible to produce new numbers and alsways in a completely determined succession in their most general formulation, such numbers could be wrtten as follows:^12

5.1) vow^u + v1w^(u-1)+...+vu."

"The fact that students are so dependent upon their thesis chairman measn that they are easily exploited, although Walter Gilbert, the former Harvard biology professor and now president of Biogen, has said he has no such concern, believing that nay commercial exploitation of a student will be exposed and the exploiting professor doomed, "since commercially motivated work is often not academically metitorious and so [the professor] will not attract top flight graduate students and government grants"(Aisenberg 1982:617).(MKp117)

"If an average equality of fertility in all plants in all generations be assumed, and if futhermore, each hybrid forms seed of which one half is constant to both characters in equal proportions, the ratio of numbers for the offspirng in each generation is seen by the following summary, in which A and a denote again the two parental characters, and Aa the hybrid forms. For brevity's sake it may be assumed that each plant in each generation furnishes only 4 seeds

Generation A Aa a Ratios
1 1 2 1
2 6 4 6
3 28 8 28
n 2^n-1 :2 ; 2^n-1
In the tenth generation, for instance 2(^n) - 1 = 1023... and only two hybrids."p14

Thus it is not impossisble for biology like physics, engineering, and computer science to develop fully motivated and potentially economically impactable research as on perverts wheterh Dyadically or not the constancy of hybridization which baramincally isexpected to narrow (in proportion to the "tree" of life) as generations "down stream" are 'predicted'. Muller said "When such work becomes more advanced, it should become feasible to make blue prints for an even larger number of generations ahead, just as in some of the fruit fly experiments of as long as two decades ago designs for genetic synthesis covering more than forty successive generations ofprecisely ordered corssings were successfully carried though. At present, we are in the stage of little more than feeling our way in the improvement of types of economic importance and it would be rash to predict wha only 10 years might hold in store for such work on annual forms."

Take Mendel's n as deumerable (I did not say make the generations "denumerable" 'enumerable') and keep Aa seperated TO THE TOPOGRAPHY of A or a discontinusouly with each generation by wireless nanotechnology accumulating the pojection BACK to generation ONE by sums of angular momentum in machine memeory such that the consequence of torque both between and among generations not only is conserved in the face of the 2nd law but this way the reversion to 3:1 FROM A and a drives an energy extractor and focuses reverse genetic engineering not on the chemsity but serving biotecnology with biodiveristy informatics and leaves bioinformatics to own's inution in silico of wet chemistry as this depends on Helmholtz's notion of open valances and not the linear concept in the Central Dogma. It need not agree with Gould however. It may be that Galelio's FIG 4 (with a cross kingdom interpretation of Fig .3 suffices to bring the imaginative phase of this work to a close leaving Mr. Gilbert with his opnion but the bussiness world with a new kind of comptetion economic that is not modelling biology on economics but economics on biology (and not only game theory at that!).

Towards use of this transfinite presentation to better the goal of electronic species publishing by incorporting mutiatonal taxonomy phentically into classificatory biology

Huxley - "The particulate nature of inheritance enables calcualtions to be made as to the proportions of offspirng of didfernt types in different generations afters a xross. Like the atomic theory in chemisty, it si the basis of qunatiative treatment."

Mendelp34 It is otherwise with the exceptional cases cited. Gartner confesses even that the exact determination whether a form bears a greater resemblance to one or the other of the two upon the subjective point of view of the observer. Another circumstance could, however, contribute to render the results fluctuating and uncertain, despite the most careful observation and differentiation. For the experiments, plants were mostly used which rank good species and are differentiated by a large number of characters. for the experiments, plants were mostly used which rank as good species and are differentiated by a large number of characters. In addition to the sharply defined characters, where it is a question of greater or lesser similarity, those characters must also be taken into account which are often difficult to define in words, but yet suffice, as every plant specialist knows, to give the forms a peculiar appearance."

Dauben 132 Cantor reinforced his study of the philosophical status of his new numbers with a simple analysis of the familiar and accepted natural whole numbers. For both finite and infinite integers, they could be considered in essentially two ways. Insofar as they were well-defined in the mind, distinct and different from all other components of thought, they served "in a connectional or relational sense to modify the substance of thoughjt itself This reality which the whole numbers as expressions or images of processes in the world of physical phenopmena. This aspect of the whole numbers, be they finite or infinite, he termed transsubjective or tansient.

Cantor asseerted the reality of both the phyeical and ideal aspects of the number concept. These dual realityes, in fact, were always found in a joined sense, insofar as a concept possessing any immanent reality always had a transient reality as well. It is one of the most difficult problems of metaphysics to determine the nature of the connection between the two.

Cell Biology and Friction Physics

Bertrand Russell had said, "Thus the type of the series of rationals is not defined by specifying that it is compact, and has no beginning or end: this definition applies also, for example, to what Cantor calls the semi-continuum, i.e. the continuum with its ends cut off. We must add that the rationals are denumerable, i.e. that, with respect to another relation, they form a progression. I doubt whether in this case, the behaviour of the rationals with regard to limits can be used for defintion." (p320 Chap. XXXVIII Principles of Mathematics 297).

similar ART

[From the Transactions of the Royal Scotish Society of Arts, Vol IV. Part IV.]

IX. Description of a New Form of the Platometer, an Instrument for measureing the Areas of Plane Figures drawn on Paper. Read to the Society, 22 Jan. 1855.

1.The measurement of the area of a plane figure on a map or plan is an operation so frequently occurring in practice that, any mehod by which it may be easily and quickly performed is deserving of attention. A very able exposition of the principle of such instruements will be found in the article on Planimeters in the Reports of the Juries of the Great Exhibition, 1851.

2. In considering the principle of instruments of this kind, it will be most convenient to suppose the area of the figure measured by a biogeographic homolog [an imaginary] straight line which baselined by moving Gates parallel to [itself] tracks and at the same time altering in length, to suit th eform of bio-change the area, accurately seeps [it] Darwin's variation in Darwinism out.

Let AZ be a fixed vertical line, APQZ the boundary of the area, and let a variable horzontal line move parrallel to itself from A to Z, so as to have its extremities, P, M, in the curve intrinsic perversion curvature and in the fixed straight line Central Dogma Info DNA-->Protein. Now, suppose

I will assert herein that TWO cell colletive circularities are (in fact are not) such progressable progreesion(s) such that the perverted behavior of rational approached in the bound of limit as defined by Russel has actual use in rearranging the ARGUMENT of Topobiology such that CAM need not maintain the dimensional responsibility of any arithemetic effect in the "geometry".


Q- "How are historegulatory genes controlled in such a fashion that, even at nearby terminal induction sites (e.g. pancreas and liver), completely different proteins are expressed in a stable manner that is fixed after cellular comittment?"

A- Postcellualr "polar" control balances neutralizations potentially by a new chemical synthesis that double pressure/voltage effects. Acid/base and or attraction/reulsions may provide a different effect on the surrounding extracellular physico-chemical environment than occurs by external variable within a give cell such that by trajectory or orbit the kinematic necessary to do at least bipolar functionality intercellular torque such is less conservable extracellular than intracellularly but ions flow regardless of adaptive conserverd lesser magnitudes unless in this instance the pancreas vs the liver have rather fit adaptations to the very presentation the charge displayed. There is only an angle here that unless some dimension be provided the fashion can not be expressed in isolation.

If an actual dielectric is derived electrotonically or not then tensions as well as reactive explanations are at least similarly describeable especially should Kirchoof chiral class perversions be ordinated by cardinals that Mendel may have sperated unawares and would not be counter indicated.

-Huxley-"For ordinary natrual selection involving a simple dominant with a selective advantage of 1 in 1,000 (i.e. where the ratio of dominant to recessive changes from 1 to 1.001 in each generation) it will take nearly 5,000 generations to increase the proportion of the dominant from 1 to 50 percent, and nearly 12,000 more to raise it to 99 percent. For the early stages of selection of a single mutation which constant effects, when the tgeen is still very rare, dominants can spread much more rapidly than pure recessives, unless a certain degree of inbreeding occurs."

Andthus we have explained why Provine thought that no frcitional light between Fisher and Wright resulted in the kind of advance in thinking Mayr thought would have to occurr if the bag of beans meant anything for Boston Tea Party and as I had analyzed this situation before I had:Toward saving web generations my first analysis of this synthesis was without Corinthians: Acts:1-2; JOEL

Mendel*should* (no)(sic!) have expected 1:2 ratios with a chi square p=.99993 but rUther ("farther", further, futher) some deviation/clinamen addition due to small number of seeds, chance chromosome events and yet what Mendel said, was; "The dominant character can have here a double signification vz. that of a parental character, or hybrid-character. In which of the two significations it appears in each seperate case can only be determined by the following generation." (The translation^* said "determined" not "obtained" and is thus in fidelity to any conception of induction Mendel may have possessed) that when generalizing the computation to maximal universality no matter the equivalent sophistication this signification is dissolved (by so-called Provine "continuous diffusive effects")

The faliure of the mathematics of biology seems to have accurred wholy beacuse Fisher sided with Mendel's choice of the Cardinal while It increasingly looks to me like the more coordinated view of Wright (shifting balance) is likely to come out on top when the evolution not development aspects of topobiology are squared with development not evolution view of Mendel. There still is the reveresiblity when BOTH reverse lexicographic encoded polymorphic traits and entropy per any 2nd law of therm acutality in Macrothermodynacis is dynamized IN THE SYMBOLS (extra Gibbs term etc) outstanding in the grammer which either indicates an grammetological error on Mendel's part with USE of double signification, time for more use beyond Faraday's "bipolarization" of cause electronically and electrically flexible with Newton's "spirit" else any metrics involved in Einstein's rod and clock communityis acutlly compassed at least biologically. We thus introduce the invariant constraint on the mathematicians' use of the 2nd principle of generation of the [realen]numnbers from molecular embryology in terms of reduction or irreduction with the use of natural,rational, irrational, complex and real numbers to universality with any compact strach of genetic engineering in form-making regardless of translation in space thus regulating small diffusive effects no matter how facultatively materializable.

- - - - - - - - - = = = - - - - - - - -- ---

But this only seems to establish that Collet's discrete correction by Thom if it exists in more truth is only that panthesism rules the continuum NOT (so) well-ordered no matter the application in biology."The Myth of the Selfless Scientist Scientists never have been as open and as dedicated to the pursuit of knoweldge as popular mythology portrays. The image of the selfless scientist represents the usual human nostalgia for bygone days, when time were better and people more honest. Nevertheless, the rapid and widespread involvement of biologists in commercial enterprises has shocked the university. Confronted with important changes in university-corporate relations, university administrators have always been quick to reaffirm general, vacuous statements reagarding honesty and trust.

Jonathan King, however, feels that corporate relations, especially the long-term agreements, could severly inhibit the informational networks that make possible the community of scholars."p106 MK)

Species' relation to the Ecosystem by answer to the above question prior to masters' review.

Cardinal + 4(1/2 ordertype) + ordinal= Mendel hybrid (baramincally or not?)

Dauben p243 But apparently he [Cantor] never considered the formal, logical contradictions a system like the collection () of all ordertypes engendered. When he first thought about such matters in 1895,he recognized that as a well-ordered set, () should have a corresponding order type. If one assumed () to be of type &, it clearely had to be larger than any order type in (). But since () contained all ordertypes, onw was faced with the dilemma of saying that &>&. " This may be what is nOT after a baramin but that a baramin is after the kind mutational generational forms inmatfortion.

I use 4(1/2)=2 because Mendel noted spotting in progeny absent in progenitoprs and sister outp group compared IN COLOR.

Quine-"As long as we move merely from natural numbers to ratios, our move is one that can be explained away as the merest stylistic variation. It is when we proceed to take in the real numbers generally, thus interlarding the ratios with irrationals, that there arises a serious question what sort of things all these numbers are to be. Let us consider first what serial structure this interlarding of irrationals is supposed to achieve."p120.

Daubenp220 "Neither artithemetic nor the concept of number should be tied to any narrow domain of particulars - point sets,for example.

I assert that even if there were two reversed lexicograpic molecular biological ordering of the gene code available these would not even be constitutive in these point sets. Is not a point set of the collection localities of the hybrids' geographic distribution beyond the garden but a matter merely of the finite number of 1/2ed ordertypes between the distance isolation by distance (Wright) created multiplied by an integer (such as those Weyl asserts for aij; p100 between latice bases multipole Four in the same question Edelman opens both his own book TOPOBIOLOGY and Shcrodinger's WHAT IS LIFE??

Is this not a genetic basis fot the deductive biogeography Croizat sought for Panbioegoraphy but is yet to show expression with the Fourier Math of Cantor's ascending P SYMBOLS interms of Croizat "topography" but made metric in Wright's isolation by distnace reactived in transfinite terms?

Constantly remaining hybrids (Mendelp35 "With Pisum it was shown by experiment that the hybrids from egg and pollen cells of different kinds, and that herein lies the reason of the variability in the offsping. In other hybrids, likewise, whose offspring behave similarly we may assume a like cause; for those, on the other hand, which remain constant, the assumption appears justifiable that their reproductive cells are all alike and agree with the foundation-cell [fertilised ovum] of the hybrid.") may have been Cantors NEED to be sure of the independence of the cardinal conception from the ordinal that other workers in set theory were less certain. Specifically the gamete genetic physiology may indeed be such that the sex M-~ N Two ordertypes alpha and beta were said to be equal if, for alpha=M^_ and beta=N^_, M-~N by meiosis M^_=N^_ and M-~N are mutually implicated but just what M^ _ _ = N^ _ _ would depend on if Mendel was correct for any well-ordering Darwin meant to have been its ancestor and this DOES depend on the case of reverse lexicographic ordering to which Russel has contributed vauable discussion in this direction that need not be only logical but nonetheless by return points at least in ANSWER with Russel to Poincare and to those comments of Poincare against Cantor but the axiom of choice will likely recieve a renewed discussion in this hermenutics, I guess.

Kenny- p191 "Now living organisms and their DNA could be privately owned-allwoing the extraction of monopoly rents. Finally, the immense possibilites of biotechnology (read- genetic engineering) provide opportunites for many new products in the food, chemical, pharmaceutial and energy fields.

What strategies are the MVCs using to further their corporate goals of ensuring that they do not miss out on the opportunities presented by biotechnology? Every MNC(multi-national corporation) must develop a strategy that at a minimum ensures that currently profitable business lines are not undermined by competitors using biotechinques. In essence, a company must decide what strategies will be most effective in ensuring its survival if the new biorevolution is as significant as reports indicate it might be. To understand the motivation for MNC investment, it is necessary to briefly outline the economic context in which biotechnology is being promoted and evaluate."

Should be eco-justice and decreasing a sustainable slope but it is instead still the interesting conclusion that Darwin's cousin Galton may indeed have grasped inheritance in such asuperior form than Charles' that topobiology may refine a simply ordered set well-ordered (by a name missing from a Lebesque/Rusell collection and) no matter the descent and the anti-Biology and Society culture of neo-Darwininsm preempted by this new neo-Mendelism.

Collet, F. What is the missing axiom in our trying of a well-ordering on the Continuum? in Bio-Math Bio- Mathematique & Bio-Theorique Tome XXXVIII 3`eme trimestre 2001 (N^o 151)
Dauben, Joseph Warren 1990 Georg Cantor His Mathematics and Philosophy of the Infinite Princeton University Press, Princeton New Jersey
Gould, Stephen Jay, 2002 The Structure of Evolutionary Theory The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press Cambridge Massachusetts
Huxley, Julian 1964 Evolution: The Modern Synthesis John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York
Lewontin, Richard 2000 The Triple Helix Gene, Organism and Environment Harvard University Press Cambridge, Massachusetts
Mendel, Gregor 1965 Experiments in Plant Hybridisation Harvard University Press Cambridge
Russel, Bertrand 1903? Principles of Mathematics W.W. Norton & Company INC, New York
Weyl,Herman 1952 Symmetry Princeton Univeristy Press, Princeton New Jersey
Wolfram Stephen 2002 A New Kind of Science Wolfram Media, Inc. Champaign Ill.

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quote placement has rules consciousness does not

this is the raw material and you are getting it off the cutting room floor. I have no idea what happened with the underline...

My position is that free access to information in the face of biotechniques is even the commerical way to go.

Each one is free to develop their own organism.

If Percy would rather me stop posting and buy the book in a decade when I come out with that he is free to let me so know.

This post begins to show how to understand economics biologically and not merely lead to a purchase of some genetically engineered economic product. Creationism IS NOT out of the picture

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-P-, thats fine.
I am on board with all of this. I have made a few improvements but it still looks like a little red faced horror on preview so I'll have to do some more before I can clean it up to your edit.

I intend with these kinds of "longer" posts to simply change with the edit command the entire content in the thread rather than starting another post. So yes I will try to "cash" out CF's suggestion. give it time please.

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Re: Helping out
I just came across SJ Gould's claim that no value added solution will suffice. I disagree. I think we all add value here, so I guess it was on purpose indeed no matter the use of the quote facility used or unused while the event handler does stil remain unwritten to capture my intent.

Look-REcurrent mutation time needs to be seperated from mutational "space", else upward and downward Humeian causality in Gould's taxonomy of cross-level effects (under heirarchical selection theory) will continue to confound when not confuse some instantiations of microevolutionary kinematics. PERIOD. I learned this the hard way through c/e postings this summer when people who want to know what Gould had to say and think don't seem to be able to simply read or desire to read his/this work. Creationists often show a better comprehension of the same literature but this is more revealed in these question than others' answers. DC Dennet is correct about this much that might indeed fall to the name EB Ford.
The Mendel bionomial will remain (when not netural to this valuable discussion) as long as stableizing selection refuses to refine its topology of morphogeny (see the classically Russian suppported work that gave us a Dobshansky...). Waddington's solution was too myopic"" and to find my high school chum Zimmer's "water" at the edge of this reality merely ascends a plateau already writ by Leon Croizat.
Indeed De Beer's recollection (see a recent post on NIAGMB if you read in real time) on the failure to explain at least strucUre by gene action can not account for Dennet's finding (see next) of a false positive in Lewontin’s and Gould’s antiadaptationist position-but- my generation has not been able to use technology to the affordance Dennet would program if computation could substitute for communication of locomotion among biologists!! Panbiogeography is a hyperlink alteration of it (this) but the software is still not hardly encoded. It is hardly working or working hardly.
BuT DC Dennet in “Darwin’s Dangerous Idea” p 259 in critiquing Gould and Lewontin on all existential adaptation goes so far under Kaufmann’s motion to the edge of this chaotic teaching taught evolution as to quote himself, '1990, with: “No where are Mother’s Nature’s hidden constraints written down in a way that can be read without the help of the interpretative rules of artificial hermenutics.”
I think Gould is closer to truth here then Lewontin or Kaufmann have committed themselves for but Dennet denies andthat in the reading of Mendel’s developmental binomial in that again is required which I believe possible by using Frege’s quip that Cantor will never determine the cardinality of say a pinch of sand during the polishing of Galton’s polygon that Newton picked up on the sea shore as was is still.
First, Dennet may learn to view molecular biology as a torsion decreasing funtion of Maxwellian intertia that Bohr called aquosity but Mayr refused to revolve. Then, once the cross—level af- fect is effected and downward causation becomes Dennet “descent to the deeper level of the DNA” not only will c/e receive a consequential hermenutics but biodiversity and bioinformatics will be readable on the same page. I do not think Kaufmann’s project for the physics of biology even sufficiently gave Mendel’s vital union.

Gould may have given us a skyhook but Dennet could not dig to China. The cascade up or down might find that Maxwell’s depauperate reduction to transverse observations (not a pretty sight) only affords the variance transitively enough to enable the shape of mutation time as a speed only to be differentiated from the acceleration of mutation space currently. That is only a guess.

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Re: Helping myself out
I had said
Look-REcurrent mutation time needs to be seperated from mutational "space", else upward and downward Humeian causality in Gould's taxonomy of cross-level effects (under heirarchical selection theory) will continue to confound when not confuse some instantiations of microevolutionary kinematics.

Shipley's application of 1970 economically motivated inferential analysis can provide this but I dont know what more restricted statements remain confounded as long as his explanation for why biologists did not valueadd Wright's path analysis into a discipline remains. Shipley published in 2000 what I NEEDED as an undergraduate in 1987. I think it is more Provine's fault that path analysis has not been used as Shipley suggests. I would have to justify that though. I WAS trying to find a causal structure then and I am in a better position of using that thought AND Shipley's reuse of the 1970 little recognized work to TEST the model. I am still unsure just what additions to directed graphs are needed but I would like to note that these maths have been used on Croizat's generalized tracks as well. It seems that asymmetry of time needs be associated with track width actually measured on Earth rather than a general latency endogenously or exogenously associating probabilities.

The book was Cause and Correlation in Biology by Bill Shipley Cambridge University Press 2000

So while there may be some "mystery" to my writing it is getting clearer to me that I have managed to cobble together a reliable way of expressing myself. I guess I could not have helped myself in expressing my views in this thread unless I had had this book in 2003!

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Re: quote placement has rules consciousness does not
this is the raw material and you are getting it off the cutting room floor. I have no idea what happened with the underline...

I have not yet refined this kind of rough go at the causality into statements that were developed independently in California and Pennsylvania just at the time I was involuntarily confined. I will
My position is that free access to information in the face of biotechniques is even the commerical way to go.

I did not know that economic inferential analysis could by using the maximum likelyhood method bridge casual STRUCTURE and probability objects. My intution on thes objectrs however does not go conscious before 1970 ( I was only 6 at that time)or so when the precursors of 1988-1992 work across this country took place.
Each one is free to develop their own organism.

I did not know that little works were made out of Williams difference (in word!) of
"biotic" and "organic" to cash in in the 60s the word "organization". I had supposed Derrida did not understand the word "organon" scientifically. He did not lead me to think otherwise in the 80s nor in later books about deconstruction and science.

If Percy would rather me stop posting and buy the book in a decade when I come out with that he is free to let me so know.
If Percy would like me to donate my tapes on creation and evolution that appeared on local TV where I BRING creationism into this picture to be sold at a small price, I think I can oblige.

This post begins to show how to understand economics biologically and not merely lead to a purchase of some genetically engineered economic product. Creationism IS NOT out of the picture

5.4 The nature of latent variables
So far, I have described latent variables simply as variables that we have not directly measured but that we can directly observe. In the previous examples there was no question bu that the animals really did have lipid reserves or that the strings really did have a length. Our only concern was in accurately measuring these variables. In such situations the development of the measurement model involves choosing measureable indicator variables that are all linearly related to the same latent variable. Ideally, the only causal relationships between these indicators will be through the common effect of the latent variable. If there exist other causal relationships between the measured variables, through other lantents or not, then these must also be included in the model.

Often nature is not that accomodating. What happens if we want to model latent variables that we cannont directly observe? In such cases,even the existence of the latent variable is hypothetical. The invocation of such theoretical entities presents much more difficult choices, since we can't rely on direct observation to know whether such things even exist, although the actual modelling is no different. None the less, the history of science is littered (or enriched, dependingon your philosophical view) with such things. When Gregor Mendel invoked recessive and dominant alleles of genes to explain the patterns of inheritance in pea seeds, he did not measure or observe such things. Rather,he inferred them because the ratios of the resulting phenotypes agreed with the binomial proprotions that would result if such things existed ^8 (There has been a long-running debate as to whether Mendel 'cooked' his data by ignoring outliers, since the observed and predicted ratios are so remarkable close as to be highly unlikely to occur chance.) Genes were latent variables and still are;

Bill Shipley- Measurement Error and Latent Inferential Variables In Cause and Corrleation in Biology 2000 Cambridge page 152.

The author goes on about the philosophy of "hypothesis space". I did nothing other in this thread.

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