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Author Topic:   Talkorigins.org for Cool Site of the Month Vote Now
Nic Tamzek
Inactive Member

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11-27-2002 7:37 AM

Only 3 days left to cast your vote for http://www.talkorigins.org as Cool Site of the Month. T.o. led for much of the month, but another site staged a campaign to get votes and took the lead.

However, we should do a last push to put t.o. over the top. Earlier today we were behind by 150 votes, but now it is under 100. Pass the word to all the t.o. fans out there on UBBs and mailing lists who will be plinking around on the internet during the slow parts of Thanksgiving weekend.

Voting requires an email address (bogus if you like) and an IP address that hasn't already voted this month. Here is the link to the voting page:


The winning site gets put in for Cool Site of Year, and even being in the running for that is good publicity.


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 Message 2 by Nic Tamzek, posted 11-30-2002 2:52 PM Nic Tamzek has not yet responded

Nic Tamzek
Inactive Member

Message 2 of 2 (25069)
11-30-2002 2:52 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by Nic Tamzek
11-27-2002 7:37 AM


Last day, last chance to vote...

Spread the word...


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 Message 1 by Nic Tamzek, posted 11-27-2002 7:37 AM Nic Tamzek has not yet responded

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