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Author Topic:   Origin of Asteroids
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12-06-2005 2:37 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by doctrbill
12-06-2005 1:24 PM

Q. Can water be used as a medium to propel rocks into space?

That sounds implausible to me.

Q. Can the "radiometer effect" guide asteroids into stable orbit?

The asteroid would have to already be in a stable orbit. The effects of radiation pressure are small, and would have to act over a very long time. Unless the asteroid were already in a somewhat stable orbit, it would not remain close enough to the source of radiation for there to be much effect.

Q. Does Quartz melt at 1300 degrees Fahrenheit?

A google search gave me something closer to 1600 Celsius.

Q. Is a mechanical engineer qualified to discuss Astrophysics

Not automatically. But there is no reason an engineer could not make a hobby of astrophysics.

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