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Author Topic:   New Forum: In The News
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Message 5 of 10 (247740)
09-30-2005 4:02 PM
Reply to: Message 4 by AdminBen
09-30-2005 3:31 PM

Don't get carried away!
Just because it's in the news recently doesn't mean a topic doesn't better belong in one of the pre-"In The News" forums.


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Posts: 3881
Joined: 09-26-2002

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01-02-2006 12:43 PM

Forum name modification
At the All Forums page, the aim of the "In The News" forum is quite specific:

What's going on in the world of Creation vs. Evolution? This is a forum of recent news items related to the debate.

Understandably, this information tends to not be seen. Thus we sometimes have new "In The News" topics that have nothing to do with the creation/evolution debate, that should be going to the "Coffee House" forum.

To clarify the intended function of the forum, the forum name is going to be changed to "In The News (Creation/Evolution only)".

Members may wish to review up-thread also.


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