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Author Topic:   Is Radiometric Dating Really that Accurate?
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Message 36 of 114 (28250)
01-01-2003 3:43 PM
Reply to: Message 35 by mark24
12-31-2002 10:43 AM

The heavens opened and the fountains of the earth were cracked.
A large radioactive asteroid say 200 miles across, moveing at
40 thousand mph, trying to land like a jet approaching a runway.
But the force is so great that the earths surface collaps below
causing instant earthquakes. Fire and brimstone rain to the ground.
let"s give this event a location The Black Sea heading west over
the Mediterranean Sea out into the Alantic. Lets give this a time
frame of 4500 to 13000 years. 500 miles west into the alantic the
asteroid hits a volcanic mountain and levels it to the sea floor.
Blasting volcanic glass rocks as far away as greenland, california,
brazil, and as far away as the antarctica. The asteroid is uplifted
somewhat and continues west but is broken into several parts. Each
part slaming into the glacers forming the greatlakes and again
cracking the surface. Imagine molten magma meeting glacer, It would
have rained 40 days and 40 nights, The word fountain means fresh
water, Since 8 tents of the worlds fresh water in the bibles times,
was the blacksea, the mediterranean, and the greatlakes area.
This must be the areas the bible is talking about. The heavens
opened. If it was an asteroid? It would have to be a special kind
of asteroid. A asteroid that doesn't match anything in our solar
system. There are only two that I know of. The first is the mars
metorites. Even NASA admits the mars rocks doesn't match anything
known on mars. There S.W.A.G.ing this one. The second meteorite
that matches the bible is the Pallasite. And guess where you can
find these types of meteorites? answer. around the mediterranean
and the greatlakes area. And the answer to your question why can't
we find the right dates [answer] The areas in general are
contaminated with still today radioactive rocks that are not from
this earth and are from another timeframe.

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 Message 35 by mark24, posted 12-31-2002 10:43 AM mark24 has not yet responded

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 Message 37 by Percy, posted 01-01-2003 4:43 PM Watson has not yet responded
 Message 39 by gene90, posted 01-01-2003 7:24 PM Watson has responded

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Message 40 of 114 (28272)
01-01-2003 11:11 PM
Reply to: Message 39 by gene90
01-01-2003 7:24 PM

Wow what a response Thank you.
The glaciers move north to south,The finger lakes in NY. is a
good example. look above the Finger lakes and you will see the
Niagara Escarpment carved east to west, just like lake erie.[explain]
I have had a lot of spectrographic analysis done on glass rocks
found in lake erie and the boys at NASA said spectrographic
analysis is not reliable is this true?.
An asteroid could be a planet that has never formed or a large
piece of a planet that has been distroyed. right? So why couldn't
basalts occur in asteroids? The word earth means elements of the
universe. NEXT Some of these rocks do set off a geiger...
Next Draw a line from Brenham kansas east through lafayett Indiana
[mars rocks found in Lafayett] You will see the line continues
through the center of lake erie, in the same direction as the
Niagara Escarpment. Is this a coincidence? I don't think so.
Continue the line east through the mediterranean. Now lets go to
Allen hills antarctica [mars rocks found] again draw a line northeast
through Governador Valadares Braz. [mars rock found] continue the
line northeast till the line crosses the first You will see the lines
cross west of Gibralter, Thats where Plato said Atlantis was.

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 Message 39 by gene90, posted 01-01-2003 7:24 PM gene90 has responded

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 Message 42 by gene90, posted 01-02-2003 2:00 AM Watson has responded

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Message 43 of 114 (28278)
01-02-2003 5:59 AM
Reply to: Message 42 by gene90
01-02-2003 2:00 AM

I am sure the mars and the brenham are from the same sorce
I would like to show you some pictures but im not sure how
to do it yet. The only meteorites involved is the pallasite
and the mars rocks Those two draw the lines. I will respond
tonight. Thanks Watson

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 Message 42 by gene90, posted 01-02-2003 2:00 AM gene90 has not yet responded

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 Message 44 by Watson, posted 01-02-2003 3:36 PM Watson has not yet responded

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Message 44 of 114 (28322)
01-02-2003 3:36 PM
Reply to: Message 43 by Watson
01-02-2003 5:59 AM

Sorry I got so far away from the important dateing subject.
Carbon 14 is a heavey radioactive form of carbon used in dating
archaeological and geological materials says Webster. A Asteroid
rich in Uranium, Cobalt, and Barium. scattered over the landscape
I beleive would change the outcome of carbon 14 dateing more or less.

I would like to continue a debate about an asteroid being responsible
for the Flood. I have a lot of information including Lab Reports,
Pictures, And meteorite use in past history in Ohio. I would like
to share this info. Maybe we can continue this on a different string.
Thanks Watson

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 Message 43 by Watson, posted 01-02-2003 5:59 AM Watson has not yet responded

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 Message 45 by Coragyps, posted 01-02-2003 4:10 PM Watson has not yet responded
 Message 46 by wmscott, posted 01-02-2003 4:10 PM Watson has responded

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Message 47 of 114 (28419)
01-04-2003 8:59 PM
Reply to: Message 46 by wmscott
01-02-2003 4:10 PM

Wmscott. Thank You for your responce. I'll Admitt I never thought of
carbon from the glaciers. I like it. The date thing does have me
puzzeled. There does have to be a reason scientist have been
messing this up all these years. I can tell you've had a lot of
sleepless nights trying to think this out. GO to Back to the fundamentals to 50 of 52 that will explain what the rocks look
like. I do believe your glass rocks will match mine. A company
from Wisconson was hear last summer and took a lot of rock
samples back to test. If you would like, email me and I will
set you up, so you can compair rocks for yourself.
I thought about more than one asteroid hitting the earth and you may
be right. But there is no hard evidence that an asteroid ever hit the
mediterranean. But something collapes that, setting off earthquakes
raining brimstone and causing havic. The only thing I could think
of was a very large asteroid not hitting the mediterranean but
comming very close. Close enought to collaps the earth below.
Plato did say atlantis was west of the mediterranean. We still
Study him today. so why not give him the bennifit of knowing where
west was. That's why i thought there was only one asteroid.
There is what apeares to be a crator in the eastern basin of lake
erie, with a glass rocks scattered to the west. Thanks Again Watson

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 Message 46 by wmscott, posted 01-02-2003 4:10 PM wmscott has responded

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 Message 48 by wmscott, posted 01-06-2003 4:05 PM Watson has responded

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Message 49 of 114 (28868)
01-11-2003 2:21 PM
Reply to: Message 48 by wmscott
01-06-2003 4:05 PM

I read some articals that atlantis has been found east of the
azors. And it did fit in to my thory. Who knows? ? Let get back
to facts. In ohio the hopewell people was a metal bearing people,
If these people smelted a radioactive material for thousands of
years. How would that affect trying to date there bones today?
Ancient American Volume 7 number 45 has pictures of these people
that are over 8 feet tall. Could smelting radioactive material do
this? The Norse were known for using meteorite rocks to produce
there metal. Watson

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 Message 48 by wmscott, posted 01-06-2003 4:05 PM wmscott has responded

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 Message 50 by Percy, posted 01-15-2003 10:01 AM Watson has not yet responded
 Message 51 by wmscott, posted 01-15-2003 4:53 PM Watson has not yet responded

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Message 60 of 114 (29395)
01-17-2003 1:10 PM
Reply to: Message 59 by Percy
01-17-2003 9:20 AM

Dear Percy

I know your skeptical, Thats ok. Atlantis Is just my theory.
Your right, I can"t prove that. But I can prove the giants.
I can show you a picture. Or I can show you the bones.
Do I have a large supply of tektites? Yes I do.
Along the Lake erie shore there are many grave sites with
metal grave markers that date to the early 1800s, The metal
grave markers have no rust on them, The recipe to produce
this metal was lost about 1930. Scientist have not been able
to duplicate this process. I think thay were alloying meteorite
with bog iron. The meteorite rocks and the giants are old news,
But I will be happy to bring you up to date. I know it's hard
for someone who has been dictated what thay know to change how
thay think. Do you believe lab reports?
I love to prove skeptics Wrong. This could be fun. Watson
What Don"t you believe?

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 Message 59 by Percy, posted 01-17-2003 9:20 AM Percy has responded

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 Message 61 by Percy, posted 01-17-2003 2:30 PM Watson has not yet responded

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