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Author Topic:   Ampere and Plant PERversions
Brad McFall
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01-15-2003 11:17 PM

Still trying to fix the links-- go to GOOGLE "perversion phenomena" typed yielding to the FIRST two on the list gives my intended search goals.
Make my appeareaaence on this board even more stable.

The circle may be a presentation of various isolations by distance (WRIGHT) while parthenogenesis-sexual selection - reproduction may be different degrees of relaxation lowering energy base states. As long as Z DNA isologous transforms does not counter indicate I see no reason to not go forward with the SHOULDER of Farday that Helmhotlz FELT was relieved.

If remote electonic control of by stimulus waveform variations of circumnutations exist then indeed the kinematics of this model could be perturbed and the power of movement in plants would give up some of its naturalism secrects a materialism still attempts to hide economically. De Vries' notion of mutation may come to be understood more in the way Olby wishes we all did Mendel. Rene Thom's "flop" into the wit of theoretical biology be shown to be due ONLY to association with Waddington and not for any proper extrinsic cause cause (be) reproductive biology/speciation is not about "symmetry breaking" though thermoregulation could be.

Goriely's and Tabor's development of (these) plant perversions does not seem to prohibit Thom's catastrophe sets as underlying whatever universality perversions can deploy thus, one has ( I have not in nostalgia) catastrophes;catastrophe sets; perversions; nature of the gene; twist potentials; De Vries' mutation; Galton's PASCAL (to DARWIN in correspondence); Mendel's Binomial; reproductive speciation; Dielectrics/electrotonics; Biometry to which hierarchy this *list* may nullify Gladyshev's seperation of macromolecular and supramolecular divisions of data in any selection Darwinization could provide (FOR) him.

The "tension"(whatevery it is that obeys NEwton SPIRIT) relaxed at a straight (filament) as modeled by Shipman in the link above occurs by sexual reproduction. For instance the coral fungus (interalia) may sporulate in a gravitational gradient that is not free falling at any other time in the life cycle. The "intrinsic" curvature is not independent of Wolfram's assertion on complexity in biology. I approach this either by Maxwell's imaginary fluid or behavorial thermoregulation when not knowing the acutal boundary conditions.

I propose that IF the quartic twist potentials by default of the straightness BEING Crick's Central Dogma can be framewoked (in Maxwell's sense) around every visualization of protein geometry then the Hamiltonian Hopf bifurcation could be (a) resouce for morphogeny (DISCARDING WADDINGTON IN HIS ENTIRETY) and perversions become possibly actually (on expt existence showing) the raw material that confused Galton when communicating the Christian Pascal to Darwin.

This would be the real reason Mendel still is not properly apologized for. I hope Gladyshev reads this and figures out how to adjust his claim of the contradiction within the filamentous threads herein site specific however the Russian may still be in the clear as Gor--tabor refer HISTORICALLY to AMPERE as observed that it may be necesarry for me to present all of my thesis on resistence THAT I WOULD categorically defends divides by the common view of birds and mammals as different than herps and fish but for now I remain within WOlfram's claim AGAINST universality reduction. This I doubt for real.

Do Polysachhrides span the metric of sprial inversions? Is not a virus but a physico-chemicality able to cross a "dielectric ether"? these are just two of many questions I have generated on this thought.

This is the html version of the file http://www.math.arizona.edu/~goriely/nljournal/Vol2/Final%20papers/07-Patrick.pdf.
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Google is not affiliated with the authors of this page nor responsible for its content. &&&&&&&This is the html version of the file http://www.math.arizona.edu/~goriely/papers/physicalia_tendril.pdf.
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