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Author Topic:   Evolution Logic
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06-18-2006 8:28 AM
Reply to: Message 299 by Rob
06-18-2006 2:06 AM

Re: Question!
Read "Time Has an End" by, H. Camping for great evdence that the Bible is true and the word of God. You can read it online at www.timehasanend.org

Thanks for that Crue.

Sad to say, but that referenced web page contains an awful lot of nonsense.

And it is all off topic here! Do not respond, please.

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 Message 299 by Rob, posted 06-18-2006 2:06 AM Rob has not yet responded

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06-19-2006 6:53 AM

Do not respond indeed
Since we are over the magic 15 score mark, the thread is getting closed..

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