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Author Topic:   Critique of Ann Coulter's The Church of Liberalism: Godless
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From: Socorro, New Mexico USA
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06-25-2006 3:46 PM
Reply to: Message 12 by SuperNintendo Chalmers
06-24-2006 11:43 PM

Re: Coke Head
Ann Coulter has a cocaine problem... it's actually very obvious if you have ever known anyone with a coke problem (which I unfortunately have).

Agreed, sure seems to have the same symptoms as the ones I have known as well. If our speculations are correct and she dosen't stop, the rehab and/or nuthouse is less than five years away.

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Posts: 2229
From: Socorro, New Mexico USA
Joined: 03-18-2006

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08-19-2006 10:14 PM
Reply to: Message 242 by Hyroglyphx
08-18-2006 2:06 PM

Re: Critique by Jerry Coyne
Quite alot. Why I should go through the lists when the burden of proof is on you, is beyond me. But to settle the matter quickly, I will oblige... not that the ToE begins and ends with biology, but many interdisciplinary fields, such as biochemistry, as you pointed out).

1. Stephen Meyer
2. Michael Behe
3. David Berlisnki
4. Paul Chien
5. Michael Newton
6. Jonathan Wells
7. Ray Bohlin
8. Walter Bradley
9. Cornelius Hunter
10. Dean Kenyon
11. Forrest Mims
12. Scott Minnich
13. J.P. Moreland
14. Henry Schaefer
15. Charles Thaxton
16. Kenneth Cumming
17. Robert Franks
18. Duane Gish
19. Fazale Rana
20. James Allen
21. Don Batten
22. David Catchpoole
23. Andrew Bosanquet
24. Kinberly Berrine
25. Vladamir Betina
26. Donald Chittick
27. David DeWitt
28. Geoff Downes
29. Andre Eggen
30. Dudley Eirich
31. Carl Fliermans
32. Dwain Ford
33. Maciej Giertych
34. D.B Gower
35. Kelly Hollowell
36. Bob Hosken
37. George Howe
38. Neil Huber
39. George Javor
40. Pierre Jerlstrom
41. Arthur Jones
42. John Kramer
43. Lane Lester
44. Ian Macreadie
45. John Marcus
46. John McEwan
47. Sally McEwan
48. David Menton
49. Angela Meyer
50. Albert Mills
51. Arlton Murray
52. Gary Parker
53. Georgia Purdom
54. Ariel Roth
55. Jonathan Safarti
56. Joachim Scheven
57. Timothy Standish
58. Esther Su
59. Royal Truman
60. Walter Veith
61. A.J. White
62. John Whitmore
63. Kurt Wise
64. Patrick Young
65. Henry Zuill

I have questions concerning 22 of the 65 individuals cited as having PhD degrees in a bioscience field.

According to my research 10 individuals actually have degrees in chemistry, not bioscience (including biochemistry). They are Schaefer, Thaxton, Rana, Chittick, Ford, McEwan (both), Safarti, White, and Young.

There are 6 individuals on which I am unable to properly determine credentials as the granting institution was not listed. They are Catchpoole, Bosanquet, Berrine, Betina, Huber, and Murray.

There are 3 individuals that hold philosophy and/or history of science Phds. They include Meyer, Newton, and Moreland.

There is one in Math, Berlinski, and one in engineering, Bradley. Franks is an MD.

Two individuals listed appear to not hold Phds. Sally McEwan apparently has an MSc in Chemistry and Forrest Mims, a BA in government.

Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong, my primary source was Answers in Genesis. Evidently from my research someone wanted to pad the list.

BTW, physical chemists are not bioscientist PhDs, nor are PhDs in philosophy, history, math, or materials science.

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