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Author Topic:   Buzsaw's Belief Statement
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08-26-2006 1:31 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by Buzsaw
08-25-2006 10:58 PM

No Criticism for Once (mostly)
OK, I am responsible for some of the misconceptions regarding Buzzsaw, so I would like to comment and perhaps ask for more clarification so to avoid any mischaracterizations in the future.

1. I am not a Seventh Day Adventist. I am the member of no church. I have attended many churches, all 1st day ones such as Baptist, Christian & Missionary Alliance, undenominational Bible churches, Undenom. Community churches, United Methodist, Wesleyan Methodist, and various other undenominational et al for most of my Christian life since age 10 when I became a Christian. For the past four years I've been faithfully attending sabbath school and worship services at a 7th day evangelical Baptist church.

Thanks for setting me straight on this one. I apologise for any potential misrepresentation of your beliefs concerning any previous discussions. The reason I suspected such was that until this time I found your statements virtually identical to those of many Seventh Day Adventists I am familiar with. Upon reading the rest of your post, I now see there are several differences as well.

2. I do not ascribe to much of the prophecy teaching of Hal Lindsey and most of the more notable evangelic preachers and teachers.

Considering the prosriptions in the Bible against false prophets, I am surprised you would ascribe to any of the prophecy teaching of Hal Lindsey. Also, he sure got it wrong IIRC in Late Great Planet Earth as the US was not attacked by the alliance of the Soviet Union and Iran in 1997. Why bet on a horse named "slowpoke?"

But I guess further examination is best left to another thread.

3. Most teach a pre-tribulation rapture. I do not.

Considering you believe your religion should come from the Bible, this would be an entirely consistent position. My understanding is that this 'rapture' business is not in the Bible but rather an invention of overly excited fundamentalists, most recently exemplified by the Left Behind series from the dominionist La Haye.

4. Most teach a revived 10 nation Roman empire. I do not. It is a global empire of 10, likely either heads of a ten regional earth or ten unidentified who pull the puppet strings so to speak. I never have taught a revived Roman Empire. This is why they were wrong on the EU.

5. Most say the first beast of Revelation 13 is the antichrist. I do not. It is the 2nd beast of Revelation 13. There's a big difference.

Well, I must admit your position makes more sense than others although IMHO Revelations is basically, and perhaps intentionally, unintelligible.

6. None that I know of agree with me on global warming.

So far as I know, I must agree that your opinion is unique.

7. None that i know of agree with me on the Vatican relative to Rev 17, 18.

8. 7th Day Adventists believe that the Vatican = antichrist entity. I do not.

Glad to hear that. Having married into a Catholic family, I consider such Catholic-bashing to be both bigoted and unchristian.

9. Nearly all except 7th day Adventists look for an imminent(can happen any time) rapture. I do not. More needs to happen before this event.

Perhaps you can tell me where in the Bible it mentions any 'rapture.'

9. Most do not believe that antichrist will be a Muslim as I do but some are coming on board on that as the events beging to indicate. I've been saying he will be Muslim on every board I've participated in which is four including EvC.

Well, this partially explains some of this anti-Muslim venom I've been seeing lately. So I take it "Love your enemies" is off the radar?

10. Most are YEC's. I am not. I am however a YCC, which is a Young Creature Creationist, meaning all creatures were created roughly six milleniums ago.

If I had the slightest idea of what this meant, I would be able to comment. Please elaborate.

As to points 11, 14, and 15, I find the concept of the trinity confusing and have yet to see an explanation I can even begin to understand. Until then, most Christians just seem to run with whatever their understanding is, as you seem to be doing.

As to the rest, have no comment other than to say you appear to be a more independent thinker than I was giving you credit for, although I still disagree with much of your interpretation of God as it pertains to my life.

However, a I stated before, if it works for you, I have no complaint provided you do not attempt to impose your religious beliefs upon me by force.

Unfortunately, if you vote, there is a strong likelihood you are attempting to impose your religious beliefs upon me by force, hence the occasional counterattacks from this end. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

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