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Author Topic:   Buzsaw's Belief Statement
Cold Foreign Object 
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08-26-2006 3:24 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by Buzsaw
08-25-2006 10:58 PM

3. Most teach a pre-tribulation rapture. I do not.

The Bible most certainly teaches pre-trib rapture. If the Church suffers in the Great Trib. then the sacrifice of Christ was in vain. The purpose of the GT is to punish the world for rejecting the Messiah.

Your view places you in with Pat Robertson. Those who are not expecting Christ to save them from the GT will go through the GT.

4. Most teach a revived 10 nation Roman empire. I do not. It is a global empire of 10, likely either heads of a ten regional earth or ten unidentified who pull the puppet strings so to speak. I never have taught a revived Roman Empire. This is why they were wrong on the EU.

This is probably greatest error of modern prophecy teaching, double fulfuillment of 10 nation Roman Empire, or EU or UN conflations.

The Bible teaches that a 10 nation confederacy will form in the geographic Seleucid portion of Alexander the Great's kingdom.


Iraq, Iran, Trans-Jordan, Turkey and Syria is where 10 nations will form an alliance. These nations will, at some point, exalt the person Anti-Christ. Europeans (children of Isaac) will have nothing to do with opposing their Hebrew brothers (the Jews).

9. Most do not believe that antichrist will be a Muslim as I do but some are coming on board on that as the events beging to indicate. I've been saying he will be Muslim on every board I've participated in which is four including EvC.


Anti-Christ will be a western educated Muslim cleric originating out of the territory described above.


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Cold Foreign Object 
Suspended Member (Idle past 2367 days)
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08-28-2006 3:03 PM
Reply to: Message 8 by Buzsaw
08-26-2006 11:19 PM

Hi Ray. Imo, you're confusing the GT with the wrath of God. The GT is against Christians. Pretrib folks usually refer these as the "tribulation saints," i.e. some other poor souls who after the rapture become saints and get the axe. The tribulation is not the wrath of God.

The GT is for everyone who is not walking by faith. The GT is the wrath of God poured out in 21 plagues upon a world that spit in the face of His Son.

The Church, that is the handful that are walking by N.T. faith, and not by works, will be taken out of the way so God can punish this world.

Moses was first told to strike the rock then water would pour out for the people to drink. The second time God told him to speak to the rock. Instead, Moses, angry over the rebellious attitude of the people, struck the rock TWICE, instead of speaking to the rock like God had said. This grievous error cost Moses entry into the promise land.

First Strike = type of Christ being crucified and living water pouring forth to people who do not deserve His love (us).

Second Event = God told Moses to SPEAK to the rock (= Romans 10). When Moses struck the rock twice he ruined God's typology of Christ being struck/crucified once.

The Church will not be punished in the GT, that would mean Christ's sacrifice was not enough (second striking): we know Hebrews 1 says it was.

When I say the Church, I mean the handful of persons who are walking with Christ by N. T. faith, and not the "Christian" masses who attend Mass (ritual) or giant Disneylands for Jesus (mega-churches). While that handful undoubtedly will include a handful of these folks too, the true Church will be gone. So in a sense the GT will be for the Pergamos and Laodicean Churches: in bed with the State and in love with the world, and for the secluar masses who have rejected Christ for apostate Charles Darwin.


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