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Author Topic:   Homosexuality and Natural Selection.
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09-05-2006 9:36 PM

Hello. I am CDarwin. I am new here and I would call myself a defender of Darwin. In the last & years I work in Santa Monica where a number of Christain evangelicals confront people on the street and discredit Evolution.
I have done well with the crowd on many nights with this faith based group. But recently I have found that the Non-religious have a difficult time understanding Evolution and the Natural selection process.
I come across Gay people that tell me that Evolution invented gay people to cure over population. I tell them this is not how the process of Natural selection works.
N.S. ( natural selection) is not intelligent nore knowlegeable of the numbers of any life form on the planet. N.S. is the process of change and non change in a species. Evolution is the result of N.S. and is incapible of thinking out a solution to a given problem like over population.
But like the religious people I talk to the Gay community in Santa Monica seem to want to see evolution as a reason they exist.
It mat be correct that Homosexuality is genetic but yet unproven.
This is a problem I have because if I say it is not I am called Anti -Gay and homophobic which I am not. But how do I get the message that Evolution does not try to reach a Pre-destination? It seems like two very diffrent groups want to see Evolution to fit their own agenda.
What can I do?

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09-06-2006 1:57 AM

Thread copied to the Homosexuality and Natural Selection. thread in the Social Issues and Creation/Evolution forum, this copy of the thread has been closed.

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