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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Change in Moderation?
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03-23-2003 1:25 AM

I am wondering in light of this board being an evolution versus creationism discussion area if there is anything that can guard against such comments made about creationist scientists not at all being able to be scientists?
I enjoy reading this board but it sure is sad to see some people that only like to shoot cheap shots rather than give friendly debate?

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 Message 36 by nator, posted 03-23-2003 9:11 AM Jesuslover153 has replied

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03-23-2003 6:45 PM
Reply to: Message 36 by nator
03-23-2003 9:11 AM

[This is an excellent topic for discussion, but is off topic for this thread. I think this has come up before, and so it would be a good idea for someone to open a thread for it in the Is It Science? forum. --Admin]
and how is it that you 'know' there credentials are bunk? For some reason it seems that many of these so called fakes have taught in major institutions or have taught in them.... or have worked for major organisations such as NASA...
I believe that what you are doing is slandering some people who have worked hard to get in the positions that they have...
I can understand you saying look at this particualar person there and go to this place and see that in truth he/she has false credentials, but to label the organisation as such I do not think should be tolerated...
I do appreciate you saying not all of them though.. but none the less show me any whom have falsity to there name...
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