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Author Topic:   Buzsaw's Belief Statement
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11-27-2006 7:51 AM
Reply to: Message 55 by Buzsaw
09-17-2006 12:13 AM

Apples and Oranges and Monkeys and Fish
Good Morning, Buzsaw. I wanted to briefly ask you some questions so as to clarify your beliefs, if you don't mind. :) (plus we need some stimulating conversations around this place! :rolleyes: )

Answer these questions for me, if you don't mind:

  • Have your beliefs changed much over the years? Do you think that there is a possibility that they may evolve? (had to use that word! ;) )

  • Do you believe that there is some sort of a spiritual war or dynamic conflict within the human psyche that could be responsible for complicating our search for truth?

  • What do you think of Carlton Pearsons Gospel Of Inclusion? I know that it is similar to how Jar and Ringo believed. Personally, I am open to Gods revelation or refutation of this theology, as I sense an innate trust in Carlton Pearson and see that he is on an honest search and seemingly is not deceived.

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