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Author Topic:   Evolution vs. Creation Interpretations (Jazzns, nemesis_juggernaut) (NOW OPEN TO ALL)
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01-24-2007 8:28 AM
Reply to: Message 63 by Jazzns
01-23-2007 5:57 PM

Re: What have we learned about these so called alternative interpretations?

Is it still your intention for this topic to revolve solely around the theme

In the OP Jazz writes:

The main topic of this thread is if this idea that creationists explanations are merely different "interpretations" of the evidence. While we will inevitably need to discuss some examples such as above, the main thrust of this thread should be about NJ's main claim that the explanations only differ in their "interpretation".

If this is the case, might I suggest you pick one single example, present the evidence, facts, and observations related to that example, and then compare "interpretations" of the evidence? In other words, re-create the chain of inference that leads from observation to explanation. It could be kicked off by using one of the real world examples such as "Why are there cabbage trees (Melanodendron integrifolium, family Asteraceae (daisies and their ilk)) on St. Helena and nowhere else?", or "What is the explanation for the existence of tenrecs on Madagascar and nowhere else?", or even "What is the explanation for the observation that, traveling east and south from Lombok along the Indonesian Archipeligo the fauna become more and more 'Australian' (including kangaroos and other marsupials), whereas traveling west and north from Bali - only 20 miles away - the fauna is purely Asian, including tigers, etc?"

Anyway, this kind of discussion may come closer to generating the different "interpretations of evidence" you were looking for in the OP.

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