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Author Topic:   What Would Society Look Like Under Biblical Fundamentalism?
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03-09-2007 10:21 AM

Yes, Fear is relevent to this debate.
The scariest part of this subject is that USA currently has enough weapons arsonal to destroy the planet three times over.

Would a Fundamental society dispose of neuclear weapons? Do they contracdict the Bible? I've never heard neuclear physics named as non-secular like Evolution is.

If a Fundamentalist President/Goverment was allowed to follow and use purely fundamentalist rule, including the punision of non-believer, heretics & heathens, you'd have what could be considered the most terrifying religious terrorist in the world.

This hallowing arsonal is at their command & the use of neuclear weapons cause drafted by the USA already has so many get-out-of-jail-free cards that it should keep people around the world huddling in bomb shelters at night. Everyone would fear that said goverment would be compelled to endorse their beliefs on a global scale.

anglagard writes:

Buzsaw, Nemesis Juggernaut, and Hoot Mon implied that any fear of Christian Fundamentalism is misplaced and overblown.

Read the newpaper over the last few years. The arguement that a fundamental society doesn't need to be feared seems jaded when even the USA has proven that it does fear fundamental societies. Look at what happens when there is just of the belief of neuclear weapons in the hands of a fundamentalist society. That war doesn't seem to be ending soon.

If the USA went Fundamentalist, the World would band together to take said Fundamentalist Goverment out. It would be a World War the likes the imagination struggles to comprehend.

So I think it's pertenant to point out there is a reason to fear a fundamentalist society.

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Nothing is perfect.

Before the universe was nothing and when the universe is perfect it will be nothing.

Is it fair to say that Universe resulted from "Nothing" being rendered imperfect to form "Existance"

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