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Author Topic:   Childhood Memories
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05-08-2007 10:21 AM
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07-07-2005 11:59 PM

Thanks for starting this thread, jar. Some interesting histories people have . For me the poetic father automatically = cool despite his problems simply due to his love of the darker side of Shakespeare!
I grew up with 2 sisters (both younger than me) and no brothers. My father, a muslim, came from India, and my mother from Pakistan where I think they conceived me. They had me in Glasgow, Scotland (in a hospital ” I must have had something terribly wrong with me, haha), and I grew up for all but 1 years of my life in England.
Bullied incessantly at school (partly because I would hurl insults and tables back at bullies, thereby egging them on), I read and learnt things with a voracious appetite for knowledge which has served me in good stead even now.
I turned to cannabis for a couple of years at the age of 23 after living a completely strait-laced life, and it gave me some of the best (actually hearing music come out of my speakers like a physical force and split into 5 vertical stripes, and the music itself sounding like a rollercoaster ride through molecules) and worst (extreme paranoia, time slowing down while my tinnitus grew to unbearable levels, feeling like I’d gone to Hell) times of my life.
I used to drink alcohol a few years ago too, but I gave that up a while back an’all.


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