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Author Topic:   Oh my God, I'm an Atheist !!
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Message 181 of 183 (410875)
07-17-2007 3:34 PM
Reply to: Message 179 by riVeRraT
07-17-2007 2:52 PM

Re: Some Observations
riVeRraT writes:
Those people who just happened to be gay, did not hurt me, because they were gay.
Then why did you even mention that they were gay?
What you're saying is the equivalent of, "A bully beat me up and he was wearing green socks but I don't hate green socks because of that. I just don't understand why people wear green socks."
Why even mention the socks?
Why even mention that somebody is gay if their gayness has no significance?

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 Message 179 by riVeRraT, posted 07-17-2007 2:52 PM riVeRraT has not replied

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07-17-2007 4:31 PM
Reply to: Message 179 by riVeRraT
07-17-2007 2:52 PM

Re: Some Observations
riVeRraT writes:
All that is, is you talking things out of context, so that you can blame me for being a bigot, which I am not.
But I'm not taking things out of context. Here's the whole conversation:
Taz in Message 44 writes:
I'm really sorry, everytime I see one of you talk about god, I just can't get past all the BS that I see you guys do and say about other people who have never done you any harm.
riVeRraT in Message 51 writes:
It's simple then, stop looking to us to find God.
And plenty of gay people have done me harm, fortunately, thanks to my God, I forgave them. If it wasn't for that, I might head of the gay bashing committee or something. Thanks to God, that I am tolerant of gay marriage now.
As you can see, the context doesn't help you at all. Taz says you victimize people who have never done you any harm, and you respond that plenty of gay people have done you harm.
If you can't see how bigoted a statement that is, it's no wonder you're so puzzled at people's reaction to it. The fact that you even classify people who have done you harm according to sexual preference speaks volumes all by itself. In fact, that you are even aware of it speaks volumes.
Are you directing this to non-Christians, atheists and agnostics?
No, and why would you feel that way, after everything I have explained to you.
Because, to quote you more fully across a couple of posts, what you said was:
riVeRraT in Message 157 writes:
I do not forgive beberry. I do not need to, he has not done anything wrong to me. I am a sinner just like him. If anything, I need forgiveness from him, if my way of thinking offends him.
I have never called anyone a sinner, here. I have never condemned anyone, or convicted anyone. I have never in my life said someone was going to hell.
riVeRraT in Message 172 writes:
Yes that is why I was correcting what I wrote, as Parasonium was commenting on it. I reread what I wrote, and realized I wrote, what I did not mean. I think when I say we are all sinners, that I am being fair.
If someone here is not a sinner, please stand up.
You call Berberry a sinner, you call yourself a sinner, you claim you've never called anyone a sinner, you call us all sinners.
Riv, I'm beginning to wonder if you're real problem isn't an inability to remember what you've said from one paragraph to the next combined with difficulty saying what you really mean.
I've explained several times that I do not dislike gay people because they are gay. I do not dislike gay people at all. Those people who just happened to be gay, did not hurt me, because they were gay.
Do you get that now? I've said it more than 3 times in this thread alone.
You're rewriting history again. You've never said they just happened to be gay. You said you forgave them. You said you were in favor of gay marriage. But that they just happened to be gay? Nope.
But why mention it at all? And how do you even know such a thing? For most people who aren't close friends, I don't think I have any idea of their sexual preference. Do they wear special tags out by you or something?
But anyway, it's good you made a clear disavowal of that statement, though it has taken you so long to do something so simple casts considerable doubt on your sincerity. I for one will be waiting to see how long you can avoid making similar misstatements.
Right now, I see you as prejudice, and bigoted, type of person.
Yes, I know, you've said this before. You think that people who challenge bigoted statements are bigoted. Very clear. I got that.

This message is a reply to:
 Message 179 by riVeRraT, posted 07-17-2007 2:52 PM riVeRraT has not replied

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Message 183 of 183 (410892)
07-17-2007 5:56 PM

Off Topic - Closed
This thread has drifted off, again.
I'm closing this thread permanently, mainly because I don't see that anyone is really interested in discussing death bed conversions.
If anyone actually wants to discussion the topic of death bed conversions, please post a request in the Thread Reopen Requests thread using the link in the purple box below.

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