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Author Topic:   General Discussion Of Moderation Procedures 11.0
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Message 210 of 304 (412889)
07-26-2007 5:14 PM
Reply to: Message 209 by Rob
07-26-2007 4:01 PM

Re: Nosy over extending his nose....
I'll note that in your yet again incomplete and false refutation of my argument that you did not go all the way back. Your source stopped at the greek "theorein". It goes further back, though.

Again, from http://www.etymonline.com/:

from L.L. theoria (Jerome), from Gk. theoria "contemplation, speculation, a looking at, things looked at," from theorein "to consider, speculate, look at," from theoros "spectator," from thea "a view" + horan "to see.

You'll see that the etymology goes back at 2 more words. From theorein, which is from theoros, which is from thea + horan. And notice how all those "theo" words have nothing to do with god? Until you can refute that theory comes from "thea + horan", you'll have to accept that. And a refutation is not "But is has "theo" in it!! See! See! That does mean it comes from the word for god!!"

Oh, and now I see that the martyr is back:

What I was doing, was showing the blatent inablity of the problem being solved. I was also exposing evolution for the fraud that it is in temrs of 'emperical credibility'. And the true reason for my banishment from the arena of ideas, is for the simple reason that I am continuing and learning to do so, effectively.

Grow up.

learn more than you could possibly imagine in a very short time about your adversary, you'll marvel at the beast, and then eventually walk away, laughing at it's incompetance and obstinance.

If this wasn't directed at people like me, I would have thought you wre describing yourself, especially in regards to your continued, and false, argument that theory comes from theo, when it actually comes from "thea + horan". You have yet to deal with the fact that the furthest back either of us can find is that the root is "thea + horan". And the fact that all the greek words with "theo" in it [in reference to all the etymology of 'theory'] have to deal with contemplation, speculation, or looking at something.

Can you find an earlier root word that contradicts or refutes? I doubt it, considering all you do is bring up the etymology that stops at "theorein".


What I wasn't doing... was offering ideas on how to synthesize nucleotides

Um, Rob, that is the topic. See, the big forums, like "Origin of Life" is just a way to organize all the threads that get started. Otherwise, every single thread would be in a place like the coffee house forum. The actual topic is based off of the thread title and the OP. I wasn't being on topic either, but I'll be damned to see you use words like 'theo'rizing when its been shown to you that theo has no place in the etymology of theory.

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From: boulder, colorado
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07-27-2007 12:34 AM
Reply to: Message 211 by AdminNosy
07-26-2007 5:31 PM

Re: Not the place for continued discussion of the issue
I'm not sure if you're confusing Ray with Rob (hey, it can happen), but it's Rob who's not getting the argument.

Granted, Ray wouldn't get it either.

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Member (Idle past 1096 days)
Posts: 2544
From: boulder, colorado
Joined: 03-24-2006

Message 216 of 304 (412964)
07-27-2007 12:48 AM
Reply to: Message 212 by Rob
07-26-2007 5:52 PM

Re: Nosy over extending his nose....
Rob, I asked for your evidence that theo is the root for theory. Instead you bring up a barely related argument of "is science a religion?".

You cannot bandy the term 'theo'rizing or 'theo'ry or 'theo'retical, with the scare quotes implying that theo is the root or that the words have a connection to theo. Why? I've clearly given evidence that they do not.

Your quote (which you quote many times, mainly off-topic and irrelevant when you do) is about a different argument. I believe this is what jar calls "palming the pea".

I don't give a damn what topic you bring it up in (that theo is the root for theory), I will counter it because your argument is false and you continue to use it.

And all he's saying is that the history of the worldview is important. However, how it's currently thought of has greater relevance.

Oh, and theory, current scientific usage (hell, even in common usage) has no connection with theo.

Your problem is that in scientific usage, theory is an explanation for a broad body of evidence in a coherent manner that has few or no refutations(not the best definition, I'll grant you). In other words, a theory explains facts A and B and C and D and so on and there are no or few facts (like Z) that refute or undermine its explanatory power.

Implying that the root of theory is theo only serves to undermine what theory actually is, and is dishonest when you know that such is not the case.

And technically, no theory in science is ever "proven".

{Text given "hide" treatment. - Adminnemooseus}

Edited by Adminnemooseus, : Text "hidden". This is not the place for such - Stop it.

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