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Author Topic:   Teaching Children Both Sides
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08-18-2007 3:11 AM
Reply to: Message 60 by StrawberryPatchBug
08-17-2007 11:34 PM

Re: Update
"But ask yourself this question. How would it help your child to understand science if someone approaches her with the platypus example as proof of creationism and you can't refute it?"
I think the exsistance of the platypus is proof enough that there is no God...I mean look at it.

My husband would argue the opposite, he thinks it was God's idea of a joke. I don't agree, its just funny how people have different opinions based on the same reasons.

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08-23-2007 4:47 PM
Reply to: Message 47 by nator
08-17-2007 6:51 PM

Re: Update
I am coming to the conclusion that the average adult who has undergone 12 years of schooling either never understood, or did not retain enough of what they learned, to be able to teach someone else.

Therefore all future children should learn only from 'professionals' so that they can also go on to forget or be ignorant of most subjects by the time they are adults. :)

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 Message 47 by nator, posted 08-17-2007 6:51 PM nator has not yet responded

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