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Author Topic:   Assumptions about faith
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10-10-2007 12:28 PM

Perhaps this belongs in the faith and belief forum. This rant was brought on from following one of the science threads and noting the damage done to Christianity by YECism.

It is often assumed by YECs that evolutionists are athiests, or at least non-Christian. Is it all right if I make assumptions about the faith of YECs, specifically that their faith is founded on a narrow interpretation of a book that they worship instead of in the saving grace of Jesus? Of course it's not OK to make either assumption. But I think YECs are as likely to hold that faith committment as evolutionists are to reject Christianity. Some YECs seem proud of their faith, but I think their faith is incredibly weak. Their faith is threatened by any facts that undermine a preferred interpretation of scripture. In my opinion true faith in Jesus Christ is unshakable. But YECs place their faith in something that is very shakable.

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 Message 2 by AdminPhat, posted 10-13-2007 4:09 PM bdfoster has responded

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10-13-2007 4:09 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by bdfoster
10-10-2007 12:28 PM

Lets explore your motive
hello, bdfoster! ;)

Lets assume that I am a YEC. Start out by giving me reasons why my faith is directed towards the wrong place.

Explain to me how much you love Jesus, then explain to me how I am to interpret the Bible.

Once you finish this reply, I will further consider promotion of this topic. :)


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     Message 1 by bdfoster, posted 10-10-2007 12:28 PM bdfoster has responded

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     Message 3 by bdfoster, posted 10-15-2007 6:16 PM AdminPhat has not yet responded

    Member (Idle past 3433 days)
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    From: Riverside, CA
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    10-15-2007 6:16 PM
    Reply to: Message 2 by AdminPhat
    10-13-2007 4:09 PM

    Re: Lets explore your motive
    I think a good test for anyone's faith is to ask what would happen to if certain things were found to be true. If your faith would be threatened by the indisputable discovery that Jesus did not rise from the dead, then your faith is founded on the belief that he did. The christian doctrine of grace, is based on the belief that man is sinful, Jesus lifed a perfect life, died as payment for man's sin and was raised from the dead. This fact would undermine the doctrine of grace.

    But if your faith would be threatened by by some other fact then your faith is founded on something other than grace alone. If your faith would be threatened by errors in scriputure, then your faith is in inerrency in addition to grace. If your faith would be threatened by evolution, then your faith is in a narrow interpretation of scripture instead of grace alone.

    With the exception of the indisputable discovery that Jesus did not rise from the dead, I can think of no finding of science would threaten my faith.

    As a Christian I hate to see people reject Christ because of a misconception. It's one thing to have a naturalistic worldview. A naturalistic worldview is just as intellectually valid as a Christian worldview. But I hate to see YECism associated with Christianity. That is a large part of my motivation. I think the YEC ministry drives people away from faith in Christ. Those that it does bring to "faith", I wonder what their faith is in. By the same token we TEs are accused by YECs of driving Christians from faith and causing faith crises. And that's the last thing I want to do. But again I wonder, faith in what? Faith in Christ shouldn't be threatened by deeper knowledge of his creation.

    If you decide not to promote the topic I understand. I wanted to explore this issue without getting off topic from some other threads.

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     Message 2 by AdminPhat, posted 10-13-2007 4:09 PM AdminPhat has not yet responded

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    10-15-2007 10:20 PM

    Thread copied to the Assumptions about faith thread in the Faith and Belief forum, this copy of the thread has been closed.

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