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Author Topic:   The expanding Universe and Galactic collisions
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10-22-2007 2:24 PM

I have mediocre knoweldge about astronomy and physics, but for some reason the Big Bang theory doesn't quite sit well with me. If according to the BB theory the universe is in fact expanding and bodies of matter are moving away from each other, how do you explain galactic collisions?

Of course one answer could be that the relative mass and proximity of two galactic bodies attract one another to the point of collision. This would also mean that the expansion of the universe is slowing/cooling down.

Another question is: could the universe have originated from a gigantic Black hole, and if so could that be where this universe is heading to?

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10-22-2007 2:31 PM

Thread copied to the The expanding Universe and Galactic collisions thread in the Big Bang and Cosmology forum, this copy of the thread has been closed.
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