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Author Topic:   Why is Faith so Important to God?
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10-29-2007 9:57 PM

Here is a question that popped out of the thread Religion and Chain Letters thread that has gone unaddressed.

Why is the quality of faith or belief in the unseeable so supremely important to God?

A false god or meme-complex requires such blind faith, but the real God?

In Christianity, faith in God is the principle doctrine – all the rest are details. If one believes the NT, faith is the central deciding factor as to where an individual will allegedly spend eternity; eternal bliss or eternal torment. This message is repeated over and over in the NT.

Does it make sense that a being who supposedly deals with the material world (walking in the garden, flood, stopping sun, miracles, etc) would withhold tangible evidence of his existence but yet place supreme value on a specific faith or belief in the unseeable? What is it about faith that God supposedly values above all else?

This critical importance of faith is even more incredulous when one considers the evidence that faith is fickle. There are thousands and thousands of faiths and variations of faiths. Without evidence faith is ungrounded so the evidence would indicate. Material evidence does wonders for unifying a faith. For example, most have faith in gravity and that the sun will rise tomorrow.

Anybody here have an answer to this question? I searched the web for answers or apologetics to this question and have found nothing.

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10-29-2007 10:02 PM

Thread copied to the Why is Faith so Important to God? thread in the Faith and Belief forum, this copy of the thread has been closed.
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