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Author Topic:   Creation of the English Language
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11-06-2007 3:36 AM

I don’t think I’ve seen this question in the forums. There are posts related to the Tower of Babel and language, but I’m interested in English specifically.

I support evolution and I’m looking for feedback for an idea I have to debate the issue. Instead of arguing endlessly, I want to play Devil’s advocate and concede the point (ie. Creation/ID/whatever is wonderful, explains everything, etc.) and then ask about the Creation of the English Language
English, the third most spoken language in the world; the most prevalent language of the Internet; the lingua franca of international politics, commerce, science, entertainment; the language with more Bible translations than any other; and the language we’re using in this forum: What about its creation?

Who, when, where, how and in what form was it created?

I’m interested mostly in responses from creationists or ID supporters, since I figure most evolutionists would do what I would do if faced with this question: pull down an anthropology or linguistics textbook and be satisfied with the answer there.

So anyway...
Was it created by God or human? If human, was it one human or lots? Was it all at once or over a period of time? When did it start? Is it still happening? If God, when? Did He come to Medieval England to give it to the English?
Was it at Babel? Were people speaking English in ancient Mesopotamia? Why no record of English back then? Was it like Old English, Modern English or something else?
Did it derive from a Germanic precursor? Was that by design? Whose design? Was it purposeful or unconscious design? Does language design happen today? Can you or I act to create language?

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 Message 2 by AdminCoragyps, posted 11-06-2007 3:05 PM akhenaten has not yet responded

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11-06-2007 3:05 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by akhenaten
11-06-2007 3:36 AM

I'm putting this in Human Origins and Evolution, and I'll be back with some relevant data after we see what it draws in the way of responses.
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 Message 1 by akhenaten, posted 11-06-2007 3:36 AM akhenaten has not yet responded

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11-06-2007 3:05 PM

Thread copied to the Creation of the English Language thread in the Human Origins and Evolution forum, this copy of the thread has been closed.
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