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Author Topic:   What is science? (ROB and STRAGGLER only)
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03-23-2008 5:57 PM
Reply to: Message 93 by Straggler
03-16-2008 5:12 PM

You must understand logic to understand metaphors and parables
I've witnessed you get into this sort 'delerious posting' mode perviously at EvC when losing an argument. It is a pity that things have descended to this.
Whatever I may have said in the course of this debate I have nothing personal against you and on the whole I think EvC is more interesting with you here than without.

As far as I am concerned the entire theoretical basis of your thesis has been comprehensively debunked.

The only problem Straggler, is that you need two witnesses not one to speak with authority. You can declare anything you like, but you will be metaphoricaly consumed by fire and plaugues of confusion when I respond.

Of course your friends will send you compliments, and give you rewards, but it will always be short lived. I speak of that which is truely scientific. Not by my own strength, but by the strength and power of logical coherence that is given to anyone who seeks the truth.


It is Easter after-all... The perfect symbolic day for a ressurection!


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