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Author Topic:   Intelligent Design (ID) Creationist(s) - (Michael Behe, the prime example)
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04-28-2007 8:48 AM
Reply to: Message 42 by Buzsaw
04-27-2007 10:17 PM

Re: Empirical Data
1. No energy has ever been created. It all has eternally existed through and by one entity.

Not so. We have observed energy being created and, a very short time thereafter, being destroyed. The quantum realm is weird as snake's suspenders.

One hypothesis is that the entire universe is a quantum fluctuation of exactly zero energy. Since gravitational potential energy is negative, it appears that the total energy of the observable universe is fairly close to zero and may be exactly zero.

In addition, relativity theory suggests that conser4vtion of mass-energy may not be even meaningful, much less true, on cosmic scales.

2. No energy is ever destroyed, being existent in by and through one ID entity and eternally managed by same. 1LoT is the observable and testable science law that all the energy from this hypothetical source has never been created or destroyed.

Not so. See above.

3. The BB hypothesis/theory has no explanation for where all the existing energy came from, implying that it suddenly began to exist.

The BB theory has no explanation for where all the existing energy came from, implying that the BB theory has no explanation for where all the existing energy came from and implying nothing more. You are falling into the old "we don't know everything therefore we know nothing" trap.

Your BB hypothesis fails the 1LoT test, IMO, whereas mine passes it.

Let's see your calculations and experimental results. What's the amolunt of energy in your "one ID entity", how did you determine that amount, and where did that energy come from?

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04-10-2008 12:30 PM

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