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Author Topic:   Why is the Intelligent Designer such an idiot?
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08-13-2008 8:41 AM

This is a Science Thread
For those wishing to combine theology and/or religion with their science, there's a forum for that: Theological Creationism and ID

The science forums (and this thread *is* in a science forum) are reserved for scientific discussion.

EvC Forum Director

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 Message 48 by cavediver, posted 08-13-2008 9:25 AM Admin has not yet responded

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08-13-2008 8:43 AM
Reply to: Message 45 by bluegenes
08-13-2008 7:32 AM

Re: Omphalism - I insist!
Yup! Loved your version of the Lord's Prayer.


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 Message 45 by bluegenes, posted 08-13-2008 7:32 AM bluegenes has not yet responded

Member (Idle past 1722 days)
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Message 48 of 50 (478253)
08-13-2008 9:25 AM
Reply to: Message 46 by Admin
08-13-2008 8:41 AM

Re: This is a Science Thread
there's a forum for that: Theological Creationism and ID

I'm wondering if this thread should really be there... any defense raised will almost certainly be theological in nature. What do you think? I have no objections to a move...

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 Message 46 by Admin, posted 08-13-2008 8:41 AM Admin has not yet responded

Granny Magda
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From: UK
Joined: 11-12-2007

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08-13-2008 9:42 AM
Reply to: Message 33 by Buzsaw
08-12-2008 9:59 PM

Re: Blasphemy
Granny, if your wonderfully designed kidneys are failing it's not the fault of the kidneys. It's likely something relative to your lifestyle and the good ole American diet.

That would be surprising, since I'm British and have never even been to the USA.

My kidneys are not failing. They failed. They were put right by medical science. If not for steroids I would never have lived to see my tenth birthday. I suffered from nefrotic syndrome. It can indeed be related to food, specifically food allergies, but it can also arise spontaneously. In my case, no food allergy was ever implicated. Even if it had been caused by a food allergy, don't you think that an intelligent designer might have taken in to account the fact that his creations were going to need to eat? I was nine years old when I developed NS. My parents always made sure I had a very good diet. Actually, it's more usual for NS to present in infants about 2-3 years old. What exactly do you think is so wrong with their diets?

NS is not a lifestyle illness and your insistence that it is is, frankly, quite patronising.

Of course I was one of the lucky ones. I was born after the advent of anabolic steroids, so I got to live, unlike the millions of kids before me, who had died slow wasting deaths from NS, an especially horrible way to go.

So, getting back to the point here, what can we deduce about our designer from all this?

He is unable to design a set of kidneys that can reliably do the job they are supposed to do. So he is not a complete idiot perhaps, but certainly not omnipotent/omniscient.


He deliberately designed the kidneys in such a way that they would malfunction and kill millions of little kids in an unpleasant way. So he is a cruel bastard who kills children.

Neither of the above is especially impressive. They certainly don't inspire any desire to worship the designer. I would quite like to kick his ass though.

Mutate and Survive
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 Message 33 by Buzsaw, posted 08-12-2008 9:59 PM Buzsaw has not yet responded

Posts: 12579
From: EvC Forum
Joined: 06-14-2002
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Message 50 of 50 (478259)
08-13-2008 10:40 AM

Thread copied to the Why is the Intelligent Designer such an idiot? thread in the Theological Creationism and ID forum, this copy of the thread has been closed.
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