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Author Topic:   What is design? Can we not find evidence of design on earth or in the universe?
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10-06-2008 3:19 PM
Reply to: Message 12 by NOT JULIUS
10-06-2008 2:30 PM

Weird design
Doubting Too writes:

I mean if the earth was placed in just the right distance from the sun--give or take a few deviations from time to time--for life to flourish then that which caused it to be so must either

In this solar system, the band that's suitable for life is reckoned to cover about 40 million miles. The earth could be life supporting 5 million miles nearer the sun, or 35 million miles further from it. This range is known as the "Goldilocks belt", presumably because it's just right for life, as the baby bear's bed was just right for Goldilocks.

The belt's so wide that it's reasonable to assume that many solar systems will contain planets within their own Goldilocks belts.

Life, as others have pointed out, is only going to be found on a planet that suits it. Life fits the planet, rather than the other way around, and must have the capability to adapt to specific and changing environments on that planet.

Life is a feature of this planet in the same way that Saturn's rings are a feature of Saturn. All planets will inevitably be perfect for their features. Would you look at Saturn and claim that someone must have designed it for the sake of its rings?

Doubting Too writes:

a)be a dumb,
b) appears to be brilliant, or
c) really brilliant--which implies high level of skill
Which is which?

And then, what about the goal of that exact distance--life? Life must have come by either this 3:
1)chance or
2)"appearance of chance" or
3) designed
Which is which?

Let me get a crack at my own question.
If you combine a)dumb, and 1) chance--I'll say tell it to the marines!
If you combine b) appears to be brilliant, and 2) appearance of chance, then that suggests what? Artificial intelligence--but intelligence just the same?

If you combine c) really brilliant, and d) designed--then that's acceptable to the man on the street.

Do intelligent men never use streets? Aren't you assuming that life is the goal in order to prove it?

If you assume a goal for the universe, then judging by its contents, the goal would seem to be to produce lots of empty space, along with huge quantities of gasses and rocks! If designed, it doesn't give the appearance of having been designed for the sake of a bit of green mould on the surface of one of trillions of planets.

Weird design!

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