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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Search
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10-10-2008 6:45 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by straightree
10-09-2008 5:26 PM

In the Search Results table, column 3 labeled "Num" is a link to the specific messages that contain the search words.
The current search mechanism is handicapped by a flawed search database implementation. The search database files grow so large that they have to be trimmed to a reasonable size every so often, which means you can only search back so far in time. But if you're looking for something recent it should work fine.
The upcoming release 3.0 of dBoard (no release date yet, sorry) will include an improved search mechanism taking advantage of MySQL that isn't hampered by the current limitations and that includes a few improvements, such as highlighting of search words in the message text. Unlike search mechanisms at other discussion boards that are based upon MySQL, the minimum word size will be 3 characters instead of 4, which means you'll be able to search for the ubiquitous TLA (Three Letter Acronym).

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