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Author Topic:   Need Help! Creationist/Evolution debate
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10-25-2008 4:23 PM

Ok guys. Thanks for all the tips so far, here's the last reply I received in the thread:

Creationist Guy


I believe I gave you an easy one in the previous post. I specified the evidence for the evolution of bacterium. Simple enough since evolution is a "fact" backed by loads of emperical evidences I'm sure. Not theorectical likelihoods. If you want me to go into design theory it will get involved. I was trying to make it easy for you since you are probably gushing with emperically undisputed evidence. Here I am, my hands are down, give it your best shot. Bacteria, "simple" bacteria. That specific enough? We won't even ask for your evidence for how inorganic matter suddenly springs to living organism. I'm sorry, is there an inbetween stage? If there was I'm sure you've got the evidence to back that up too. That would be much to trivial I'm sure so I won't ask.


Ok, so I'm doing a little research for my reply which I'll type up later tonight, before I do, does anyone who knows more than I want to mention anything I should include in my reply?

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obvious Child
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10-25-2008 5:34 PM
Reply to: Message 16 by SunAlsoRises
10-25-2008 4:23 PM


You've met a special type of creationist. One so stupid and so incompetent that he can't actually understand much of anything you've written and isn't there to argue, just preach. Those type are best ignored unless you can overwhelm them with arguments and people making those arguments. He clearly won't address the issues. Since it appears you're out there by yourself, it may be best to ignore him. If you can't do that, force him to discuss a singular issue and call him on every attempt to change the subject.

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 Message 16 by SunAlsoRises, posted 10-25-2008 4:23 PM SunAlsoRises has not yet responded

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10-25-2008 5:44 PM
Reply to: Message 16 by SunAlsoRises
10-25-2008 4:23 PM

I would ask Creationist Guy why he wants evidence for the evolution of bacteria. The theory of evolution developed from the examination and analysis of evidence that actually still exists. The original bacteria evolved so many billions of years ago that no direct evidence of their evolutionary development remains.

Analysis of their genes allows us to reconstruct an bacterial evolutionary tree, but that's about the best we've been able to do so far. If he wants to know specific details like when, where and how, they be lost forever to history. Even if we managed to evolve bacteria from scratch in the lab, that wouldn't mean that it originally happened the same way. It's quite possible that insufficient evidence exists for us to ever tease out how it originally happened.


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 Message 16 by SunAlsoRises, posted 10-25-2008 4:23 PM SunAlsoRises has not yet responded

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