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Author Topic:   Genetic load: can someone explain?
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11-17-2008 5:39 AM

A Creationist has pointed me to this article:


It seems pretty interesting, but most of it goes over my head.

I would like to know how the theory of evolution addresses the problem. To be more specific, this part:

The high deleterious mutation rate in humans presents a paradox. If mutations interact multiplicatively, the genetic load associated with such a high U would be intolerable in species with a low rate of reproduction (MULLER 1950 ; WALLACE 1981 ; CROW 1993 ; KONDRASHOV 1995 ; EYRE-WALKER and KEIGHTLEY 1999 ). The reduction in fitness (i.e., the genetic load) due to deleterious mutations with multiplicative effects is given by 1 - e-U (KIMURA and MORUYAMA 1966 ). For U = 3, the average fitness is reduced to 0.05, or put differently, each female would need to produce 40 offspring for 2 to survive and maintain the population at constant size.

Thank you.

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11-17-2008 8:18 AM

Thread copied to the Genetic load: can someone explain? thread in the Human Origins and Evolution forum, this copy of the thread has been closed.

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