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Author Topic:   Trilobites, Mountains and Marine Deposits - Evidence of a flood?
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11-18-2008 4:12 PM
Reply to: Message 111 by roxrkool
10-17-2008 9:06 PM

Re: Plate Tectonics - Where's the "V"?
Hey Roxrkool,

Congrats on your recent achievement! Welcome to the “real world” or back to it, whichever the case may be. I sincerely wish you well in your future endeavors.

Or does your silence signify concession on those matters?

Absolutely not. I will certainly be glad to elaborate later.

I have been designing and building buildings for over 25 years now. That’s quite a few projects. Now I’m not ‘tooting my horn’ here, but you, and everyone else should know that I am a very pragmatic individual. I have successfully designed and completed a wide variety of construction projects over the years. Real projects, real clients, real budgets, real agencies, real challenges. My point is that “design theories” or any type of “theory” for that matter are “out the window” in the real world. Bottom line, things must work. In construction sometimes we move or reshape mountains and even at times we make “new ones”. We do this primarily with 2 means; 1. Dynamite and 2. Heavy equipment. Its takes LOTS of energy to move and reshape the earth.

Here is a simple pragmatic kinetic energy equation you may remember from physics 101; KE=1/2 x M x V (squared)

V = velocity, which of course is required for kinetic energy. Since everyone is ‘dodging’ my question regarding the documented amount of movement of these so called “plates”, please at least explain what generates the “V” in plate tectonics that is powerful enough to create KE needed to build mountains. No theories. No jabs at Faith. I’d like to see real, pragmatic, scientific documentation that has been observed, recorded and tested. Then we can begin to explore how fossils ended up so lofty.

Approach this as if your entire career depends on it. Every time I sign and seal Construction Documents from my office, my design, research and calculations must work, because my entire career does depend on it.

I look forward to your (and anyone else who concedes to the plate tectonic theory) response.


Just read your post above, thanks for your thorough response. I have a few more questions but will post those later.

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Member (Idle past 3008 days)
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From: NC, USA
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12-01-2008 11:53 PM
Reply to: Message 136 by Coragyps
11-18-2008 5:19 PM

Thanks for your reply. Nothing personal here…

And remember - that "V" is on the order of a centimeter per month in the fastest plates

And that amount of horizontal velocity creates enough energy to produce the sheer amount of mechanical work required to build mountains? No way, dynamically, physically, structurally and mathematically impossible. In the KE formula you’d round the velocity off to zero (because you really need m/s to calculate enough Joules produced, otherwise it’s negligible) and when you multiply out the equation, no matter how large or “small” the mountainous mass is, you get…….ZERO. Wow! I’ll be dad-gum! Zilch made a mountain!

It must be those cratons locking the continents in place.
General commentary to all who believe in Plate Tectonictism:

Plate tectonics utterly fails basic physics and deserves an F minus as a science. The “movement” is utterly and absolutely embarrassing and I can’t believe that the scientific community actually displays these negligible ‘global millimeter’ figures for everyone’s viewing (except perhaps for some comic relief) and claiming that terrestrial formations are due to “plate tectonic movement”.

Sorry to be the one to “break” the news to everyone, but it’s time to DITCH the PT theory in its entirety. I believe that the PT theory needs to be put in the Hall of Fame of good theories that just “didn’t plate out”. It has been taught, re-taught, published, preached, accepted and embraced by so many that they are unwilling to let go of it. It just ‘sounds’ too good.

This is a perfect example of how science can go down a wrong path for so long and simply be “blinded” by its own theories, and thus lack in progressive thinking. Ouch. The same goes for the geologic time column that spirals down to nowhere, which was first implemented by scientists that were absolutely dumbfounded by those pesky fossilized marine critters scattered all over creation by the utter destruction of the earth via volcanic mechanisms released during the Great Flood.

Plate Tectonics cannot be credited as real science due to the fact that it is plagued with “structural” problems that scientists cannot answer, but instead must come up with more science fiction to help “fill in those gaping holes” and then sprinkle in a “few more millions” just in case. If anyone was taught this nonsense in college I’d ask the professor (and get my money back) exactly how this amount of “movement” made all the “mess” on the earth and to explain why it defies basic physic calculations. He might say “this is not the physics department, this is a science-phyction class….”

Next time I’m on a construction jobsite, I’ll go up to the dozer operator and say “listen here Billy, see that big mountain over yonder? Plate tectonics built that at a whopping speed of .00000007mph. Now we don’t wanna make too big of a mess here, so keep your dozer down below that speed, all righty?” and he’ll look at me and say “what are you talkin’ about? The Bible says God destroyed the earth and all land creatures including people during the Great Flood. That mountain and all of the rest of them are a standing testament the fact that He really did it. Now if you’ll excuse me Mr. Arch, I’ve got some real work to do…..”

My earlier statement stands that mountains are a result of volcanism. No, not all mountains are a ‘volcano’ of course. It takes heat, water and pressure to build a mountain. And this force is delivered to the crust from deep within via volcanism. Furthermore, it’s NOT a theory. The phenomena is real, observable, and can even be quantified and tested and I have already laid out a plethora of scientific information on the phenomena and the fact of deep abyssal waters certainly exist. When these waters erupted all over the earth, thus creating many hydrovolcanic, phreatomagmatic, plinian and surtsean FOUNTAINS, then the earth was totally obliterated and subsequently flooded.

God meant serious business when he told Noah to prepare. I recommend everyone to go to Yellowstone and contemplate all the heat below your feet turning thermal energy into mechanical energy and thus causing all the juvenile and ground water to burst open. Yellowstone is simply just one of the volcanic wrecks left over from the Flood.

What built mountains, fossilized marine creatures and thrust them up high? Plate Tectonics?? Nope, no movement, no energy. Volcanism??? Yes, plenty of movement and plenty of energy. Not only does volcanism build mountains, it razes them!

Plate tectonic movement ---> .25” per year (give or take a smidge) ---> file 13

It’s time to move on folks. I’m not alone on this of course:
This scientist calls it “junk science”. I agree, but not with the "growing earth."

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