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Author Topic:   2 Opposing theories within the INTELLIGENT DESIGN THEORY.
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01-14-2009 12:07 PM

There are two types of intelligent design theory:

1)Subscribing to Allopoiesis and

2)Subscribing to Autopoiesis.

Allopoiesis is the process whereby a system produces something other than the system itself. What best describes this system is creationism. God (one system) creates the world and man (another system).

Autopoiesis is a bit more complex. It describes a self contain system which causes its own design and its own species specific reality. The system (living organism)is a learned response. The relationship between the species reality and and system can best be described as causalistic (cause and effect).

The Autopoiesic Intelligent Design Theory. First describes an Intelligent Absolute Reality which is typically termed "mind". From the mind emerges thought. The thought process causes relative reality. Relative reality means that nothing in a conceptual state can exist unless its attributes can be compared. We are not able to define anything in existence unless we compare attributes. For example, the term ABSOLUTE ZERO has no meaning unless there is something more or less than absolute zero. The term "Stop" has no meaning unless it is referenced. And so on.

According to this Autopoiesic ID viewpoint, the mind is non-local. The word "existence" cannot apply to the mind because it is considered uncaused.

One you understand the basis of this theory format you can find evidence.

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 Message 2 by AdminNosy, posted 01-14-2009 1:34 PM se7ensnakes has not yet responded

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01-14-2009 1:34 PM
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01-14-2009 12:07 PM

Not very clear
I'm sorry but this just doesn't seem very coherent to me. Perhaps on of the other admins can suggest how to fix it. I don't think it will do as a topic of discussion unless you get a few champions who insist on giving it a go.

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 Message 1 by se7ensnakes, posted 01-14-2009 12:07 PM se7ensnakes has not yet responded

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01-22-2009 8:46 AM

Should I close this?
Both AdminNosy and Adminnemooseus have taken a look at this but taken no action, but the proposal looks coherent now that it's been reformatted, though still a bit nebulous with its references to the mind. Anyway, looks interesting, but the originator has not commented or made any edits, so I'm not sure if I should close this or not. Opinions?

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