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Author Topic:   Why is a Literal Ark Important?
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04-07-2009 11:13 PM

Just as warning, this post will be an informal regurgitation of some ideas of mine. If I don't make sense, just ask for clarification : ).

Something has been bothering me. There is so much debate about the Flood Story and Noah's Ark, and I think it clouds the issues. Most folks on the creation side of the argument go on as if Noah had no help from God. Honestly, Noah's Ark doesn't Occur without the help of God. There is no way 2 of every animal can fit onto a ship. The Ark would not have landed on Mount Ararat; it would have been bigger than Mount Ararat itself. Think about it. I don't care how many "kinds" there were (I want to throttle Kent Hovind right now for coining that rediculous word).

If you want to believe in the Flood Story, fine, but it has to happen something like this:

God tells Noah to build an ark, Noah builds the Ark, and since Noah obeyed, God helped Noah just as he helped Abraham, and gave the inside of the Ark infinite space. God kept all the food stuffs filled,just as Jesus filled the baskets of fish and bread, until the waters subsided.

Oh yeah, and God poofed and unpoofed the water. Simple as that. Can anyone prove me wrong?

See, the thing about God, Noah, Jesus, and all that stuff is, it requires faith. To try and explain it all with simple, earthly science only cheapens it; plus, you make yourself look like an ass.

Look, what I'm saying here is, God gave you senses and reason so that you may percieve and make sense of the world (i.e. science), so use those God-given eyeballs, like mainstreem scientists have, and accept reality like God intended.

Now, I'm not saying accept every theory or hypothesis blindly, but quit supporting crack pot ideas about the world. Use your head; God gave it to you for a reason.

So, nevermind all this debate about "kinds". Intelligent Design may have some truth to it. Think of God as a potter. Instead of poofing everything into existence (I'm sure he got bored of poofing after an eternity or two) He/She/It molded everything. Evolution could be Gods way molding and shaping his favorite (most obnoxious) creation, mandkind (and womankind for you ardent femenist out there). Its intelligent, its design, and its evolution...

Questions? Comments? Complaints?

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04-08-2009 8:25 AM

Thread copied to the Why is a Literal Ark Important? thread in the Faith and Belief forum, this copy of the thread has been closed.
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