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Author Topic:   Did the Ark have an Anchor?
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04-22-2009 8:46 PM

It just occured to me that, although the Ark was afloat for months, it didn't travel very far.

I know the Ark, according to legend, landed on Mt. Ararat, but where did it begin its float?

Did the Ark have an anchor or any strategy for staying stationary? Floating for months after a global flood would have caused the ark to travel a very long distance, I would imagine. I'm suprised it didn't end up in the Americas or Asia somewhere.

Can any one shed light on this subject? I'll accept biblical and scientific evidence for or against the idea that the Ark would travel further then it did.

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04-23-2009 4:11 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by AustinG
04-22-2009 8:46 PM

Tentatively rejected
You are taking a boat whose very existence is highly doubtful, and wish to speculate on whether it had an anchor? As I see it, you might a well ask if it had portholes, and if so, how many.

I presume you think it had an anchor? If so, did that anchor have a boat?

Besides, why would the boat need an anchor when it had God as its "anchor" and or navigator?

I can't see this as a topic.


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 Message 1 by AustinG, posted 04-22-2009 8:46 PM AustinG has not yet responded

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