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Author Topic:   Think bigger think better.
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05-05-2009 6:59 PM

paullesq writes:

The ability, the potential to understand and manipulate nature is greater than nature. That is what good intelligent selection is all about.


Science strives to understand everything, God has already made that claim.


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 Message 77 by lyx2no, posted 05-05-2009 7:50 PM paullesq has not yet responded
 Message 78 by Admin, posted 05-05-2009 8:24 PM paullesq has not yet responded

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05-05-2009 7:50 PM
Reply to: Message 76 by paullesq
05-05-2009 6:59 PM

Free For All
Hi paullesq

I am happy to see that your communication skills are unimpeded while using invective. As you've pointed out, autism is not a syndrome that is alleviated by stressful situations; which, clearly, your being so unfairly solicited for clarification of your position and demands for evidence must induce. You might want to revisit your diagnosis of a mild form of autism. Was it a self diagnosis by any chance?

As invective seems to be your miliue, you might ask a moderator to move this conversation over to the Free for All forum where you can express yourself till the cows come home.

Edited by lyx2no, : Grammar.

Genesis 2
17 But of the ponderosa pine, thou shalt not eat of it; for in the day that thou shinniest thereof thou shalt sorely learn of thy nakedness.
18 And we all live happily ever after.

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 Message 76 by paullesq, posted 05-05-2009 6:59 PM paullesq has not yet responded

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05-05-2009 8:24 PM
Reply to: Message 76 by paullesq
05-05-2009 6:59 PM

Hi Paul,

Apparently it was a mistake to to provide you greater leeway in reaction to your openness about your disabilities. Normally we provide a series of warnings before permanent suspension, but your record at other discussion boards and now here is clear, so I'm acting now and immediately issuing a permanent suspension. Thanks for participating at EvC Forum, and may you fare well in all your future pursuits.

EvC Forum Director

This message is a reply to:
 Message 76 by paullesq, posted 05-05-2009 6:59 PM paullesq has not yet responded

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